The Benefits of Working With a Video Creation Company

So, you’ve been paying attention. You’ve noticed how nearly every platform–from TikTok to Facebook–has pivoted toward video creation, and you’ve realized how valuable high-quality video can be for your business. Now, you’re ready to get rolling and get your message out there to the masses, but… how? Do you do it yourself? Do you find…

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The Graphic Designer Countdown to Christmas

graphic designer countdown

OK, listen. It’s the holidays. You might be one of those people who protests anything Christmas related until the week after Thanksgiving, or you could be the person who has a fully decorated tree and Michael Bublé on repeat by November 2nd. But I have some bad news for you. Whether you’re the early bird…

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How to Properly Use Gradients

Gradients. They’re great for when a design feels a little too flat for your taste, and you want to make it, dare I say, ‘pop.’ Gradients have become an on-and-off design trend over the years, and I think it’s safe to say they’ve earned a seat as a design staple in 2021 and going into…

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Your Brand Identity Guide: The Basics

Utilizing an identity guide for your business

A brand identity guide is an important document every business should have. It should follow a business’s journey, but it can be built at any time. Near the kickoff of your business, you might be on the lookout for a logo designer. A brand identity guide goes hand in hand with a logo package creation,…

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Free Alternatives to Adobe Products for Designers

Free Alternatives to Adobe Products

Adobe is a market leader when it comes to software solutions for designers. However, not all designers can afford Adobe’s Creative Cloud packages. Premium tools such as Photoshop CC, InDesign CC, and Illustrator CC are often too tempting to resist, but the prices can be out of range for small businesses on a growth trajectory.…

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Video Marketing Tips: Top Video Trends to Take Advantage of in 2021

top video trends

More than 70 percent of content consumed online is video, and on social media, video posts generate 1,200 percent more engagement than text and photo posts. Whether you like it or not, every company is a media company in 2021. So, if you’re looking to add more video into your business’s marketing strategy, here’s a…

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A Videographer’s Tips: How Storyboards Make for Better Videos

A videographer is a communicator first and foremost. It’s our job to use what’s in the frame to convey a message to viewers. Whether it’s by using the perfect camera angles, timing a cut or exploring different lighting techniques so it’s just right, it’s important that your visual storytelling is on point. One of the…

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How Lighting Helps Create an Effective Story in Video Marketing

lighting to help a story in video marketing

In my last blog, I wrote about how the story and concept are what matters most when it comes to effective video marketing. Equipment, sound, lighting, cinematography, and editing are really just tools to tell that story. So, in today’s blog, I wanted to talk about one of those tools: lighting–and how you can use…

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Mastering Headings and the Hierarchy of Text

text heading and hierarchy

How do you arrange the text content of a website page? How do you write a compelling piece of content that will keep readers skimming to your call-to-action? The answer lies in how you arrange your words, in the headings and text hierarchy. Text and design go hand-in-hand. You wouldn’t post a website blog with…

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