Branding, Identity & Logo Design

For startups or established organizations. Our process was developed for companies like yours to define and create the unique elements to Increase the value and reputation of your brand.

Our Brand Strategist can walk you through the process and the costs.

Build Brand Equity

Branding and identity can be a tricky thing to manage. Successful branding requires consistency at all touchpoints of your brand. This consistency leads to trust and buy-in from potential customers. Knowing the identity of your brand – how it looks, sounds, and feels – ensures the quality of that consistency. Working alongside you, we can create a detailed brand identity that will act as your guide to consistency to increase awareness of your brand.

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Startup Branding and Identity

Startups can be an exciting time for the founders. Make sure your brand starts off on the right track and lasts for years to come. Our process dives deep into your positioning in the marketplace to make sure you’re positioned for success. 

Re-Brand Your Established Business

Established brands have a lot at stake. During the process of a rebrand, we consider the current brand equity and consider this when redesigned or redefining the brand.  We like to look at this as evolutionary branding rather than starting from scratch.

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City, Place, Municipal Branding

City and Municipal branding are unique in the vast number of stakeholders that are a part of the process. Our unique approach ensures public involvement and buy-in from the various stakeholders that will be implementing this new brand. 

Non-Profit Logo Design and Branding

Non-profits are unique in some ways but very similar to corporate branding. Non-profits need to consider multiple revenue streams and appeal to both business and consumers equally when branding their products or services.

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