The Biggest Video Marketing Mistake Clients Make

Published: August 30, 2022

Aaron Huskins


Video is huge. We know that. The majority of the time people spend online is spent watching videos and because of that, now more than ever, businesses want to get themselves in front of those viewing eyes. But with billions of hours of content to consume out there, how do you make sure those viewers actually watch, care about, or remember your video from the rest? 

Simply making a video isn’t enough. It’s easy to just create some content and get it out in the world, but it’s no good for a business if it doesn’t work. There are lots of ways to tell a story and I’ve covered that before, but the one I see most often in marketing, unfortunately, is perhaps the least effective approach. Let’s unpack the biggest video marketing mistake I’ve seen.

The Right Approach to Creating a Video for Your Business

So, to save you time, and energy, and help you get your next video campaign off to the right start, let’s talk about the wrong approach and how eliminating it helps you find the right one. 

You’ve decided to make a video for your business, hired a professional with all the lights, cameras, gear, and know-how to make a flashy, exciting piece, and you’re ready for your time in the spotlight. 

You’re imagining your company as Rocky Balboa. In this commercial, you’re going to run the stairs to the top, throw your hands up in victory, and let the world see you as the lean, mean fighting machine you’ve become! The trumpets are blaring, lights are flaring, and yet… it’s not registering with the audience. 

The problem is… you’re not supposed to be Rocky. Your customers are. 

I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve had that thought showcasing themselves and their equipment is what will bring clients their way. Dentists want to show their fancy new X-ray machines, construction companies want to show their biggest, baddest tractors. Avoid this common video marketing mistake.What they fail to realize, though, is that the viewers they’re targeting aren’t looking for the biggest tractor or newest x Ray technology. They just want an amazing pool in their backyard and a beautiful smile. 

In short, your customer should be the one standing atop the stairs with their fists in the air – not you. 

How You Can Avoid Falling into This Common Video Marketing Mistake

“But it’s my commercial! Where do I fit in?” I’m glad you asked. Rocky Balboa was “a bum” before training with Mick. He got a lucky shot at a title fight he didn’t deserve, and that stroke of fortune lit a fire in him that he didn’t have before – he didn’t want to be a loser anymore. He wanted to be something special. Still, though, he had no idea how to accomplish his dream. He had no plan and no chance of going to the distance on his own. Rocky needed a trainer, a wise, experienced, and trustworthy ally to show him the way and give him a plan for success. That’s where you come in. You’re Mick. 

Your commercial should be about your customer realizing their dream and reaching their potential by trusting you, the guide, to get them where they want to be. By letting them see themselves as the hero and you as the mentor, you’re showing that you not only understand their wants and needs but that you’re putting them first. It makes it clear to the viewer that you’re not selling tractors or medical equipment; you’re selling the bright smile, dream home, and better life the customer is after. 

In Summary

By starting with the customer as the hero, you’ll save yourself the time and effort of working on a concept that doesn’t get you closer to your goal – resonating with your audience. From the beginning, position yourself in your client’s corner, and you’ll be on your way to a winning strategy.

Don’t be sad, though. It doesn’t mean you never get to be the hero. You’re always the hero to us at BrandCraft. Your success and continued growth are the whole reason we’re here. So, if you’d like to help write your brand’s story, come by the gym anytime! Schedule a meeting and let’s talk about how we can work with you to provide a plan to get you to the center of the ring yelling “Yo, Adrian! I did it!” 

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