3 Video Production Tips for Creating Powerful (& Effective) Ads

Published: December 10, 2020

Aaron Huskins


When it comes to commercial video production, as in every industry, there’s a lot of talk about quality. People say things like, “You get what you pay for.” So when referring to quality video ads, we tend to attribute their success to the equipment and technology we use. Well, the truth is that’s not always the case.

Cameras, lights, microphones, software, and the works are great tools. But they can’t make an ad effective on their own. The true measure of a quality video, or any ad, for that matter, is the story. When you’re spending any amount of time, money, or effort on marketing, the most important thing is ROI; it has to work. 

Hit the mark with video production by following these 3 effective tips.

Video production set for one of BrandCRaft's clients

Before you start budgeting for equipment rentals or creating your high-end motion graphics, consider your end goal first. Tell the story that best gets you there. Take a look at this guide to help you nail down the video production process:

#1: Capture your audience’s attention.

The first step in having your message heard is getting someone to listen. So, make sure you engage, intrigue, and grab viewers early. There’s no one-size-fits-all method for doing this, but there are certainly wrong ways, so consider your target audience. 

  • Who are they?
  • What are their interests? 
  • Where will this video be shown? 

Answering these questions can help you come up with creative ways to capture their attention and get their eyes and ears on your video. 

#2: Convey your message.

This is the part everyone knows. You need to communicate your subject matter, but what many don’t know, or realize, is that it doesn’t always mean you just give the information. There are many ways to convey your message, whether you plan to make long or short video ads. You can do it with humor, heartache, a talking gecko, or a puppy that’s lost its bone.

Again, there are no traveling pants in this sisterhood or a single formula that works for every project. Know your audience and what messages resonate with them. Whatever you do, though… 

#3: Make it memorable.

You’ve gotten viewers to take notice, and you’ve given them your message. Now, make them take action. There’s a reason everyone knows what “15 minutes can save you.” Even if everyone watching isn’t currently in the market for car insurance, the next time they are, they’ll remember how easy it was for that caveman. 

As much as we’d like buying to be the first thing viewers do, we know this step may take time. It’s important to make sure that your business is the first one they think of the next time they’re looking to purchase. So, when doing any commercial video advertising, remember to make your story engaging, make it connect, and make it stick. 

None of this is to say that equipment doesn’t matter. Can lighting help in catching your audience’s attention? Yep. Can a camera move convey an emotion? Of course. Can the right cut create a memorable moment that sticks with viewers? Absolutely. 

The key is to use these tools to serve your story better and drive your message home. But remember, they are just that: tools. And you don’t start with the tools; you start with a blueprint.


Having the right video production strategy is essential to creating an unforgettable ad. Take the time to learn about your target audience before making your video to pin down the most memorable setting, message, and special effects. Soon, your story will be out there for everyone to see–and that means customers.

If you’d like help drawing up your blueprint, contact BrandCraft today. We’ve got all the video production services and tools needed to get your story out into the world.

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