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& Maintenance

An expert team, eyes, and hands-on with your website, keeping it functional, fast and secure.

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BrandCraft Hosting & Maintenance Services


Cutting edge CDN and Caching

Not all hosts are created equal. All our sites load from a global content delivery network, with multiple forms of caching. This results in uncompromised performance, reliability, and security.


Constant monitoring for Speed & Security

Today's informed consumers are trending away from websites that don’t perform flawlessly. Don’t lose business because of a website that’s unstable, slow, or broken. Maintained websites are healthier, more secure, and most of all, best for the user experience.

BrandCraft Hosting & Maintenance Services

Core & Content
High Traffic / Ecommerce
Software & Updates
Expert-Managed WordPress Hosting
WordPress core & plugin updates 1x 1x 3x
404 link checking
Premium plugin licenses
Monthly contact form testing
Server side mail logging
Performance & Security
Content Delivery Network
Server Caching
Intrusion detection
Automatic SSL Certs
Cloudflare Nameservers
Backups Daily Daily Hourly
Single-point phone & email support
Manual visual check
Mobile optimization testing
Minor layout modifications upon request
Simple content & imagery updates
Review spam comments & clean up
Email Deliverability
Sendgrid Email Deliverability
Monthly IP blacklist checking
Sandboxed plugin updates