Video Marketing Tips: Top Video Trends to Take Advantage of in 2021

Published: June 3, 2021

Aaron Huskins


More than 70 percent of content consumed online is video, and on social media, video posts generate 1,200 percent more engagement than text and photo posts.

Whether you like it or not, every company is a media company in 2021. So, if you’re looking to add more video into your business’s marketing strategy, here’s a list of some video marketing trends we’re seeing and how they could help you attract new customers this year.

Our video marketing agency has seen trends come and go. This year, these trends seem to be making the largest impact:

#1: Drone Video 

While aerial cinematography isn’t quite the craze it was a few years ago, it’s still used frequently, and when done right, it’s a great way for your business to grab potential customers’ attention.

When drones first came out, they were mostly used to get high angles and provide a view that was different from what audiences were used to seeing. While that approach can be eye-catching, it’s important to keep in mind the impact this new perspective has on audiences.

We’re now seeing drones fly at lower angles and through scenes to show how all the pieces of a story tie into the big picture. Allowing viewers to see your business in this new way is great if “new and exciting” is what you’re going for, but if you want it to feel familiar or invoke memories, it might be best to show it from an angle more representative of the way your customers view it.

Here’s a great example of a video that mixes the two styles by staying low while also giving audiences a behind-the-scenes look that they’ve never seen before. 

#2: Organic Social Videos  

Social media is becoming more and more video-focused, and users are getting better at recognizing (and ignoring or skipping) ads. Depending on the platform, it can be beneficial to create casual, personable videos that don’t appear to have been produced by a professional videographer. (Psst… You can still work with a video maker and get your message out to those users who are actively avoiding ads.)

In past blogs, I’ve talked about how lights, cameras, and other fancy or expensive equipment are not what makes an ad effective. The key is making an ad that resonates with your audience.

With the increasing popularity of social media offerings like TikTok, Facebook Stories, and Instagram Reels, users are more and more aware of when a video ad is interrupting the content they want to consume.

This is especially true when the most common form of that content is shot by amateurs on smartphones, and the ad you’ve created is shot in a studio (with high-end cameras and the like).

So, when targeting audiences on platforms like these, research the trends and look at how others do videos. Then, use that insight to your advantage.

#3: Speed Ramp Transition Videos

Another way that social media is changing video consumption is that it’s shortening attention spans. When you want to tell a story or show a process but need to do so in a quick and visually engaging way, speed ramp transitions are a great option. Check out this example by Daniel Schiffer.

By planning each shot and knowing how it will transition into the next one, you can create an eye-catching video that will keep viewers watching while also keeping it short enough that they’ll stay until the end. If you’d like help planning shots like these, check out our storyboarding blog.


Following the trends can be very effective when getting started in video marketing, but understanding when and how to take advantage of the latest video marketing trends–and when not to–is vital. Why? At some point, you’ll have to stop following and start forging your own way to stand out.

There’s no substitute for a creative marketing plan to help you establish your unique messaging, tone, and style before diving into video. Once you have that, you’ll know which trends can be helpful for you and how to use them for maximum benefits.

If you’d like assistance with your video marketing strategy, BrandCraft is here to help. Contact us now, and let’s talk about how we can get your business trending.

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