How to Create Solid Website Copy That Works

This toolkit was developed to help our clients, partners, and marketing managers alike to streamline the copywriting process, improve the final result, and streamline the process of content development for websites. The major contributor to launch delays is website copy getting behind schedule. Content is the prerequisite for any website build and requires planning and…

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Staying Creative When Designing for Accessibility

When we were hired by QualityLogic to design their new website, the goal was clear—create an accessible website that meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). As the lead designer, I was excited and overwhelmed by the scope of the project. The site needed to follow specific…

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Will the Future of Website Accessibility Make Brands Less Unique?

the impact of website accessibility on unique brands

It seems like every major company is rebranding, and with the goal to become less and less distinct. Over the past decade, minimalism and simplicity have surged in popularity, and we as consumers seem to have been left behind in a sea of conforming corporations. Why is that? Are designers getting lazy? Is this just…

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What We Expect a Client to Deliver Before a B2B Website Design Project

Having an updated website has been a key component of business success and will continue to be in this digital age. There are “more than 263 million American consumers” who do their shopping online, which is approximately 80% of the population. Many companies are choosing to update their web presence for the first time in…

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A Guide to Improving Your Website’s Structure

improve your website structure

It takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for a user to form an opinion about your website. That opinion determines whether a user will stay or visit a competitor. People are heavily influenced by the visual aesthetic of a website, but a lot of beautiful “well-designed” sites are just plain confusing and hard to…

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Why We Use (And Recommend) Cloudflare Nameservers

Why We Use Cloudflare Nameservers

Warning: There’s some jargon in this article. So, off the bat, here’s what some of those frequently used terms mean: Domain Name: This is your website’s unique name. An example is Registrar: This is where you buy your domain name. GoDaddy is a registrar. Nameserver: A nameserver tells the Internet where to find a…

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Ask a Website Designer: What Are the Top Web Design Trends For 2022?

Art and media are always in a state of flux and change. Website design is no exception, especially in 2022. Website designers will find the new trends leaning heavily into type as the main visual element. Brutalist designs put more emphasis on the structure of a site and the content it is providing. In 2022,…

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The Effect of Web Design on SEM and SEO Success

the effect of web design on SEM and SEO success

You might hire a passionate website designer, dedicated to providing your firm with cutting-edge technologies embedded in your web presence to show you change with the times. That goal-oriented approach of appearing cutting edge only goes so far. Their jaw-dropping design could ruin your search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) by creating…

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Best Contact Forms Plugins for Your New Web Build

In this post-COVID world, it’s undeniable that businesses need to be present for their customers online. Even if you aren’t selling products online, you’re selling yourself as a trustworthy business. Part of that business strategy is keeping a line of communication between you and your customers, especially for new web builds. Luckily, contact forms plugins make…

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