Ask a Website Designer: What Are the Top Web Design Trends For 2022?

Published: January 25, 2022

Jessica Miracle


Art and media are always in a state of flux and change. Website design is no exception, especially in 2022.

Website designers will find the new trends leaning heavily into type as the main visual element. Brutalist designs put more emphasis on the structure of a site and the content it is providing.

In 2022, there’s no hiding behind imagery. This year is about the raw experience. (And no, it’s not all about retro vibes, as more contemporary techniques and elements are weaving their way into popularity.)

In this blog, we’ll cover the top web design trends for 2022. Not only can this information guide your web design by helping you stay up to date with the latest trends, but it can also ensure a high-quality, eye-catching site that users can’t help but look at.

Looking to take advantage of the best web design trends this year? Here’s what our website designers suggest:

Bold Type

In a similar vein as last year’s heavy font trend, website designers are utilizing even bigger typography for 2022. Oversized text that is used as more of a visual statement rather than presented with the purpose of being read is a bold, fresh design trend.

We will also see a rise of unique typefaces rather than san serifs dominating websites this year.

example of bold type in website design trends
Source: CDN

No Image Home Page

Following the big, bold typography trend is using only type for the above-the-fold design. Imagery has long been the default method to draw users in, but for 2022, professional website designers are trying out new and unique design methods.

Type isn’t the only method either. Animations, interactive elements, shape, and color are all great and useful features that can replace imagery.

example of a no image home page tas a website design trend
Source: CDN
example of a no image home page tas a website design trend. heading on the left while a circular shape on the right.
Source: CDN


This is not necessarily a new trend since we saw website designers exploring it as a breakaway from neomorphism in early 2021, but it has continued to grow into a design trend that will go strong in 2022.

The delicate look of glass elements, glossiness, or a frosted appearance has designers excitedly finding ways to utilize it in their own projects. “A combination of transparency, blur, and movement” is enough to give off the appearance of glass. (Have questions about how to integrate glassmorphism into your website design? Contact a website designer near me.)

example of glassmorphism as a website design trend
Source: CDN
example of glassmorphism as a website design trend
Source: CDN

Split Screens

This trend has been based on functionality and responsiveness  for many years, but for 2022, website designers are using it purely for design.

Whether it’s text split with a photo or text split with more text, split designs are great ways to make bold statements and generate visual interest for CTAs (calls to action) to drive traffic. They also make it easy to organize a page and not overwhelm a viewer with content.

example of a split screen homepage as a website design trend
Source: Dribble
example 2 of a split screen homepage as a website design trend
Source: CDN

Visible Borders

Websites all have that “invisible grid” that keeps elements in their place and organized visually. But in 2022, website designers are showing off that grid as part of the design.

Revealing the foundation of the site is a unique trend that allows for immediate recognition of hierarchy and sections. Linework creates a minimal look while also allowing a lot of content.

example of visible borders as a website design trend
Source: CDN
example of visible borders as a website design trend
Source: Dribble


Brutalism has been a slow trend, dating back to 2014 and based on the architectural movement of the 50s-70s. Using unstyled HTML, big and bold elements, and type with very little color or design is not something that many projects allow for, but professional website designers are finding a way around the rawness of brutalism design and thus, neo-brutalism.

Using friendlier fonts and enough negative space between elements softens the starkness that would normally drive viewers away.

example of neo-brutalism as a website design trend
Source: Adam Clarke | Colour


The best website designers in 2022 pull elements of past art movements and draw them into their design projects while mixing in contemporary elements, such as glassmorphism. We will see a more brutalist twist on websites this year, with large type being the main visual above the fold, a lack of imagery, and revealing a site’s structure through visible borders.

Linework in general may make an appearance as visual interest in place of photography and illustrations. Big, bold, and experimental are the adjectives that describe the movements for website design in 2022, and we’re here for it.

Want to create a website that stands out this year? BrandCraft’s expert website designers are here to lend a hand. Schedule a consultation today for our website design services.

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