Why a CRM is Essential for Effective Lead Generation

Published: November 19, 2020

Mariah Raner


For centuries, businesses have been generating leads through various business tactics. These techniques are part of customer relationship management (CRM), helping companies maintain a healthy and profitable relationship with potential and current customers. When people mention CRM, they often refer to modern software that tracks customer data and helps sales and marketing teams manage customer relationships better. However, CRM incorporates technology and strategies that contribute to effective lead generation and customer relationship management. 

CRM strategies to track your leads

Dive into CRM specifics and how it helps you ensure effective lead generation for your business. 

CRM as Technology 

The goal of lead generation is to attract potential clients and convert them into clients. To do this, you need to identify the lead (person or business interested in your product), nurture them through marketing, and convert them into clients through effective sales strategies.  

CRM software eases this process by helping your marketing and sales department collect data on leads, track them, and nurture them with the right techniques. The human mind is limited in capacity, and therefore, relying on a digital database helps you store accurate records that are always available for analysis. In a world where data is a giant, making data-based decisions helps you move forward and stay ahead of the competition.  

AI-powered CRM 

Since you collect thousands of leads from your physical and digital operations, you need an effective way to track the leads, analyze the data, and determine your priorities. CRM software helps you analyze large amounts of data quickly by using artificial intelligence.

With an intelligent system, you can quickly receive results on the most qualified leads and the most appropriate marketing technique based on the lead’s characteristics. With smart software, you can avoid wasting time on the wrong leads while focusing your efforts on the most promising potential. AI-powered CRM also recommends the best marketing strategies per lead to maximize conversions. 

Predictive analysis in your CRM also uses your current and historical data to find similar leads that may be interested in your products and services but have not interacted with your business. With the right predictions, you can focus your marketing activities on the right people or companies. This will increase your attraction and conversion rates. 

Ways to enhance lead generation through your CRM

Marketing automation

When you run a marketing campaign, you expect to generate leads and convert them into clients. Automating your marketing helps you collect information on your campaigns on a central platform for more accessible analysis. Automation also removes manual and repetitive jobs and frees you and your marketing team to focus on strategy. 

CRM software streamlines and automates marketing by integrating with other software to collect campaign data. It automatically collects lead demographic data and market funnels positions. This helps to qualify your leads and help you direct your effort to the right potential. You can determine a lead’s readiness for further marketing based on accurate data. 

CRM tools also provide marketing ROI, which is vital after a marketing campaign. You can identify the number of people the campaign converted into leads and if the number justifies the campaign’s cost. If yes, your business can use the strategy to generate more leads in future campaigns. If not, it’s time to check how the plan failed to improve it, or if it’s time to dump it. 

Social media integration 

Social media is alive with prospects that you can convert into leads and later into customers. It’s easy to guide potential clients through CTAs such as links in posts or your bio, swiping up, or offerings. However, to enhance the process, you need a CRM tool that integrates with social media platforms and tools. 

Social CRM enhances lead generation by making it easy for your business to communicate with potential customers through their platform of choice. Remember that leads exist on various platforms, and managing them on different apps is a recipe for chaos. Social CRM brings all leads to one platform where you can collect actionable insight and offer a seamless multi-channel experience. 

You can look at lead profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others and look at updates right on your dashboard. You can respond quickly to improve engagement and anticipate the lead’s needs to deliver personalized solutions and ads. 

E-Commerce integration 

If you run an e-commerce shop, integration between your e-commerce store and CRM helps you generate more leads. When a visitor approaches your online shop and identifies a product they like, they will register with the site to complete a purchase or browse further. Integration ensures that the visitor details immediately move to your CRM to eliminate the need for manual entries. 

What’s more, the CRM automatically records the visitors browsing history to give you insight into the lead’s interests. With actionable insights, you can use the right marketing strategy to convert the lead into a customer. In addition, you can identify patterns among leads to make adjustments to your e-commerce store. 

Lead data cleansing 

The statement “garbage in, garbage out” holds relevance to data. This is because the quality of your data ultimately affects the quality of the result. Accurate lead data ensures that you streamline the conversion process and focus your resources on the right leads. 

It’s easy to have dirty data that misleads your marketing and sales efforts. The dirty data appears as wrong addresses, incomplete names, incorrect job titles, inaccurate purchases, and duplicate profiles. What’s more, lead details change because people change interests, make career changes, and move to different locations. 

A data cleansing protocol is essential because it ensures a routine audit of lead data. Through regular changes to the data, you can ensure that your marketing team works with updated data for effective lead generation. 

Take Away

The right CRM tool helps you identify, attract, track, nurture, and convert your leads to improve your business profits. It can be daunting to find the right CRM tool for your marketing and sales needs if you’re new to CRM tools. 

Fortunately, BrandCraft works alongside you to help you find the right tools and strategies to improve your lead generation efforts and grow your business. Contact us today for more information.

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