What Good Manager Feedback Really Looks Like

Whether you’re giving it or getting it, feedback can be challenging, which is why it tends to be neglected despite its critical role in effective internal communication. Recent studies indicate 98 percent of employees fail to stay engaged when there’s little to no manager feedback, and 33 percent of employees say a “lack of open,…

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Project Management: The Truth About Project Managers and Why You Need One

why project managers are important

Project managers are increasingly becoming indispensable to businesses in completing and ensuring the success of business operations. They are the unsung heroes of the success of most businesses since they’re responsible for project management. They offer agile, goal-oriented, and customer-centric solutions to businesses, inclining them to the proper success routes. Project managers are responsible for…

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BrandCraft® Expands With the Addition Of A Second Office Located In Spokane, WA

Tri-Cities-based growth marketing agency expands into Spokane market. SPOKANE, Wash. (March 23rd, 2021) – BrandCraft®, eastern Washington’s premier growth marketing agency, announced today the opening of a second office located in downtown Spokane, WA. Building on its success in the Tri-Cities, BrandCraft’s Spokane office will offer clients integrated marketing and design services to help them achieve…

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Creating a Business Growth Mindset: What Are the Keys to Success?

Business Growth Mindset

Creating a business growth mindset is key to growing any business. I love business–every aspect of it. One of the greatest things about my job, and the marketing industry in general, is the ability to see under the curtain of so many businesses.  We get to interact with sales teams, see operations, understand revenue problems,…

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Customer Retention: Listening to Your Customers

listening to your customers

Good listening is a helpful skill that creates a sizable amount of confidence and trust between you and your clients.  86% of your customers are willing to spend more to continue enjoying an outstanding customer experience. Often customers have high expectations of the businesses they choose to hire or buy from. It takes one instance of…

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The Role Between Sales and Marketing When Scaling Your Service-based Business

marketing and sales connection

The connection between sales and marketing is an important variable for a creative design agency like us here at BrandCraft. For certain clients we help, their revenue potential is only limited by the number of opportunities to sell. In other words, the clients prepare to scale their business. Other clients aren’t this prepared. While they…

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Why a CRM is Essential for Effective Lead Generation

CRM for lead generation

For centuries, businesses have been generating leads through various business tactics. These techniques are part of customer relationship management (CRM), helping companies maintain a healthy and profitable relationship with potential and current customers. When people mention CRM, they often refer to modern software that tracks customer data and helps sales and marketing teams manage customer relationships better.…

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Must-Have Tools Every Small Business Needs to Thrive

Tools Every Small Business Must Have

As a small business owner, you know your time and resources are valuable. Using the right tools for your small business can help your entire operation run more efficiently and ensure that your resources are being used wisely.  Common Tools Small Businesses Use There’s so many tools and software programs that small business can utilize.…

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