Google Ads Updates: The New Home for Google Ads Demographics

Google Ads Demographics Tab

Today started as any typical day for our digital marketing team. We started by updating bids on demographics, locations, ad schedule, devices, etc. All was going per usual until we noticed a few accounts that were missing a standard category on the side panel menu. The demographics tab was virtually gone. The first thought that…

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Part 2: Should I Invest in Google Ads?

should I invest in Google Ads

As part of our series on paid ad platforms today we are going to discuss Google Ads. There is no denying the power of Google. As the world’s leading search engine, it has access to the largest number of searchers trying to find solutions to everyday problems. There were 92.21 billion visits to Google in…

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Should I Be Advertising on Brave and Other Privacy-First Search Engines?

brave advertising

Privacy has been an increasingly hot topic, putting tech giants (such as Google, Facebook, and Apple) at the forefront. These three tycoons, in particular, attribute a good portion of their growth to advertising dollars. The ability to customize advertising to target specific demographics and audiences was and still is appealing to advertisers. It tends to…

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Yoast vs. SEOPress: What Does Our Full-Service SEO Agency Recommend?

SEO plugin

There are over 50,000 plugins in the WordPress repository–and these are just the free plugins. There are countless more that come at a premium. With so many choices, how do you know which plugins to use for your website? Let our full-service SEO agency fill you in. While that answer varies depending on your website’s…

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Part 1: Which Paid Ad Platforms Should My Company Invest In?

best digital platforms to advertise

Whether you’re new to the market, about to launch a product, or just want to beef up your current product line, a paid ads strategy would be beneficial. You’re probably well aware of that already, but have you determined which paid ad platform would be the best for performance? It’s vital to consider your overall…

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Telaré Law

The Mark Premium. Aggressive. Sharp. The Telaré wordmark logo demands preeminence. Their air meets their work. Branding Branding and identity can be a tricky thing to manage. Successful branding is consistency at all touch points of your business that leads to trust and buy-in from potential customers. Knowing the identity of your brand – how…

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Intent Matters: How User Intent Impacts Success of Digital Ads

how user intent impacts digital ads

One of the most common questions that we get when first engaging with a client is, inevitably: “Where is the best place to run my digital ads?” That’s a fair question and one that we encourage our clients to think about. As the saying goes, “Not all channels are created equal.” What is the primary…

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How to Keep Your SEO Juice When Switching Domains

So, you’re thinking about moving your website to a new domain? But what about your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts? At first glance, it may seem simple enough, especially if you’re familiar with 301 permanent redirects. However, if your current website domain has been around for a while, it will have garnered some authority, as…

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Patio Covers Unlimited

The New Mark The new logo is modern, clean and more representative of heat and sun protection with the use of new yellow and black color scheme. Branding Branding and identity can be a tricky thing to manage. Successful branding is consistency at all touch points of your business that leads to trust and buy-in…

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