5 Important Google Ads Trends Paving the Way for PPC Marketing in 2021

ppc marketing for increased car

Now that the exhausting year that was 2020 is finally over, we can now prepare for the new pay-per-click (PPC) marketing trends that started at the end of last year.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that swept the globe, people were forced to interact differently on the Internet. For PPC digital marketers all over the world,…

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6 Ways to Supercharge your Google My Business (GMB) Profile for Local SEO

6 ways to supercharge your GMB profile

Growing your business, especially when it operates from a physical location, is almost impossible without local SEO.  Nearly half of all searches on Google are for local information, with an astounding 900% growth over the last few years. Meanwhile, local searches result in a purchase 28% of the time. An optimized profile on Google, in other words,…

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Use Retargeting For Improved Sales Conversions

Back in the day, when an online customer showed interest in a product but abandoned the purchase, that usually marked the end of the encounter.  But what if you could virtually follow those previously engaged customers from your site with focused advertising?  This innovative marketing concept is now entirely possible through an advertising method known as retargeting.  How…

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How to Set-up the Facebook Pixel on Your Website

Pluggin in the Facebook Pixel

“I don’t see any value from our social media ads”.  This statement has been uttered by many business owners since the inception of social media marketing. Launching a campaign and being unable to tie it back to conversion data should be a nightmare of any knowledgeable digital marketer. Luckily for us, stress caused by not…

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5 Reasons You Need Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Why You Need Google Analytics or GA4

Google has released the newest version of Google Analytics (Google Analytics 4 or GA4), replacing the long-standing Universal Analytics (UA) property type. Our first impression? We like what we’re seeing. What is Google Analytics 4? There are three major differences between UA and GA4. The first difference is how users are tracked. In UA, users are tracked…

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Why Digital Benchmarks Matter in Marketing

It’s natural to want to compare yourself not only against your compeitiors but also your past performance. This will help you understand the baseline of your company’s success. As well as, where you need to improve relative to that data. For this reason, it’s completely natural that you want to know how your digital marketing…

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How to Design a Landing Page that Converts

Marketers spend a great deal of time and effort driving inbound traffic to their website in hopes of converting potential customers. One of the best ways to maximize your conversion rate is by creating optimized landing pages within your website design. An optimized landing page not only gets more eyes on your content but also…

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The Best Bid Strategies for Google Search Ads

How do I know if I’m using the correct bid strategy in my Google search ads campaigns? This is a question that many of our client’s come to us with. The answer: It depends It depends on a variety of different factors, all of which stem from the goal behind your campaign. Before you dive right in to creating your first…

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Why Small Businesses Don’t Think They Need SEO

Did you know that people search on Google more than 3.5 billion times every single day?  Wow is right. As a small business, capitalizing on this search traffic is critical–especially during these challenging times. But the truth is, most companies without an in-house marketing team don’t know how. Small business owners often come to us,…

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5 Things Every Lead Generating Website Needs

You have a website that you’ve invested significant time and money in, with a goal to generate leads and attract potential customers.  However, long gone are the days that a website is all you need—today’s consumer has a short attention span and it isn’t always ready to buy now.  Case in point have you ever been scrolling…

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