Stop Wasting Money by Driving Low-Quality B2B Leads

quality B2B leads

“I don’t care how much a lead costs. What matters to me is Quality!”. Not too long ago I had a client say these words to me with such an intensity that it made an impact on the way that I approach B2B advertising. Further, assessing the quality of the leads that our teams provide…

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Networking 101: How Not to Network

networking 101

Networking is one of those necessary evils that we all know we have to do in business, but many of us would rather do almost anything else. Attending local events can help business owners expand their reach in their local market, but don’t forget: first impressions are everything. Networking the right way is essential. In…

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Help! What Should I Look for in a Digital Marketing Agency?

what to look for in a digital marketing agency

We think that many business owners would agree, especially after the last year of craziness, that having a digital presence and strategy is no longer optional. Consumers are doing more business than ever online, and companies that don’t take digital marketing seriously are feeling the impact. It’s also unlikely that most business owners have the…

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Intent Matters: How User Intent Impacts Success of Digital Ads

how user intent impacts digital ads

One of the most common questions that we get when first engaging with a client is, inevitably: “Where is the best place to run my digital ads?” That’s a fair question and one that we encourage our clients to think about. As the saying goes, “Not all channels are created equal.” What is the primary…

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How to Set-up the Facebook Pixel on Your Website

Pluggin in the Facebook Pixel

“I don’t see any value from our social media ads”.  This statement has been uttered by many business owners since the inception of social media marketing. Launching a campaign and being unable to tie it back to conversion data should be a nightmare of any knowledgeable digital marketer. Luckily for us, stress caused by not…

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