Keller Associates


Keller Associates is the rare company that’s interested in sustainability — not just of its projects, but of its people.


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“Your branding work has really laid the foundation for moving forward. We get superior feedback from clients, recruits, and team members regarding the website — especially related to content, core values, and people focus. We hear this quite often. It is really helping us advance our goals. Thanks again.”

— Rod Linja, President
Keller Associates

The longtime Meridian engineering firm, which has branches throughout Idaho, Washington, and Oregon, puts a premium on recruiting and retaining great employees. In fact, during our discovery session, they told us that they want all new employees to work at the company until they retire.

The problem? Getting those good folks through the door in the first place. We worked with Keller Associates to rebrand their company and revamp their website to put the focus on the company’s professional-yet-laid-back culture.

Our work for Keller created streamlined brand that reflects the dynamic, nimble company they are. Keller’s new visual language is clean, modern, and just a touch colorful. The new tagline, Growing Possibilities, can be adapted to dozens of messages and projects. And the website is a complete upgrade: We took an entire suite of photos that put Keller’s people front and center. We included a mix of traditional hard-hat images with pics of how Keller employees work every day: Bike commuting, collaborating, taking a walking meeting. Every page hits home the fact that Keller is focused on building not only great systems, but great people — we included testimonials, personal reflections, and language that is light on the jargon that clutters so many engineering sites. The overall effect is a firm that focuses on the people behind the projects, not just the numbers.

Our work for Keller continues with advertising and promotional materials. The entire experience has been rewarding for us, but also for Keller. As President Rod Linja put it, branding forced the firm through an “uncomfortable process in which we asked deep, difficult questions about ourselves. Who are we, really, and what do we want to become? That deep dive into the meaning of Keller Associates has been invaluable for our company, and we’re better for it.”