Project Management: The Truth About Project Managers and Why You Need One

Published: June 1, 2021

Lexi Joseph


Project managers are increasingly becoming indispensable to businesses in completing and ensuring the success of business operations. They are the unsung heroes of the success of most businesses since they’re responsible for project management. They offer agile, goal-oriented, and customer-centric solutions to businesses, inclining them to the proper success routes.

Project managers are responsible for the initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and closure of business projects—project management. Their services are essential in different industries such as construction, healthcare, technology, agriculture, manufacturing, and so on. Here are some of the roles and responsibilities of project managers;

  • Planning and controlling the project’s activities
  • They organize and motivate the team assigned to the project
  • Control time and ensure meeting of deadlines
  • Assess and manage the project’s risks
  • Estimating and developing the budget
  • Ensuring maximum customer satisfaction
  • Monitoring and providing timely reports on the progress of the project
  • Offering post-completion processes

With these roles, it’ll be an injustice to project managers to try and underestimate their need and significance to businesses.

Benefits a project manager brings to the team

As a goal-oriented and success-driven business owner, a project manager is what you might be missing for reliable and ultimate returns. A project manager will leverage your data, mitigate risks, assess results, and provide you with impeccable project deliverables. Here are the benefits that a project manager will have on your business and the ultimate reasons why you need to have one.

Save time and money

One of the crucial roles of project management is ensuring that there is efficiency and maximum productivity. Project managers will have a well-executed plan. This is often before the start of your project to ensure the smoothness of the entire process. They’ll be in charge of all the related procurement activities.

Project managers will schedule and assign duties to all the workers after dividing the project into tasks. This ensures that there is effective time management. They estimate the costs and duration that activities are likely to take and keep a close eye to ensure everything works according to the plan. They also ensure that all the activities are aligned as per the budget and track and record all the milestones.


A project manager specializes in their field, hence, they have the required knowledge and skillset to provide you with exceptional project management. They have the right entrepreneurial mindset to analyze, control, provide vision, and direct your project towards success. They will determine and control the scope of your project for maximum effectiveness.

In addition, project managers are always equipped with the knowledge and tools to tweak and offer quality deliverables that you may want. They use the right metrics and criteria that best suit your business projects. This helps to enable you to maximize profit gain and, most importantly, customers’ satisfaction. And as a result-driven business, the least you can expect is value coupled with nothing other than quality service.

Risk management

With their expertise and experience, project managers will always deal with all the potential risks that might undermine the success of your business projects. They will analyze and manage the project risks and instead offer you valuable alternatives. According to research, 70 percent of organizations have suffered at least one project failure in the last 12 months. With risks being one of the main causes of project failures, it is only pivotal that you have a project manager to assess and manage risks.

The good news about hiring a project manager is that they will mitigate the level of the risk. Most often, they’ll plan to avoid it or, even better, turn it into an opportunity. For instance, if your project faces the threat of failure due to the limited number of personnel/workers, a project manager can use modern technology and still ensure the project’s efficiency while also saving on the costs.


“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.” Bill Copeland, the great American poet, and writer couldn’t be more right as having a goal is and will always be the herald to success. Without clearly defined goals, your workforce will lack motivation and be at the risk of working towards the wrong purpose.

Project managers will always establish goals that are inclined towards your business objectives, outline and make them known to all the stakeholders. They will then work toward achieving those goals while having a keen focus on the project’s success. And most importantly, they will always offer you timely reports on the progress made towards achieving these goals. And as a results-driven entrepreneur, you wouldn’t want anything more than this.

Improved teamwork

Ensuring everyone is aware of the purpose, where you’re headed to, and everything you need to do to get there will ultimately improve your team collaboration. Having open communication with all the stakeholders will significantly increase the rate of your success. Project managers will always define everyone’s roles eliminating confusion and increasing their focus.

They will provide you with timely updates on the progress and status of the project, giving you insight and the opportunity to have input into the ongoing project. As a result, this prevents the project from collapsing by offering the necessary solutions to the emerging challenges. You also get the opportunity to mend the loopholes before they get to irreparable stages. Project managers act as leaders to the team, hence provide motivation and support to the workers.

Key takeaway

Project managers are essential in ensuring the success of your businesses. They regulate and monitor all the stages in project management for effectiveness and maximum output. They will not only initiate, plan, implement, and complete the project but also offer you post-completion processes that help in doing follow-up and the subsequent improvements.

In addition to that, project managers are accountable and responsible for your projects, meaning that they’ll always strive to ensure the success of your projects. With demand for project managers increasing, you wouldn’t want to be left behind by your competitors.

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