Why Our Web Design Agency Always Says Yes to WordPress

Published: April 8, 2021

Jessica Miracle


As a web design agency we commonly use WordPress. One of the most popular content management systems (CMS), WordPress is a common name thrown around in web development circles. Its versatility gives it its fame, with the ability to be adapted into just about any type of site to fit a person or company’s needs. 

Additionally, a vast amount of content and support for WordPress is out there. Plus the base code is continuously recieving updates and improvements. Why else does our web design agency use WordPress as a go-to for our clients’ websites? Thanks for asking!

Why Our Web Design Agency Uses WordPress

All the big web design agency names can probably agree on one thing: much like content, WordPress is king. Here are five reasons why BrandCraft turns to WordPress for our client’s website needs:

#1: Commonly used.

WordPress has been around for 18 years now (since 2003), and it has consistently proven itself a reliable CMS for various website needs and web design agencies alike. With its expandability and performance a wide variety of websites are built on it. In fact, WordPress powers 35 percent of the Internet . 

Part of its popularity stems from its availability. It’s a free, open-source software, so the most you’d have to spend is on hosting and any premium plugins you might need. 

There are many different places to find support, get questions answered, and receive general help because the software is so commonly used. Many people specialize in helping companies with their WordPress sites, whether it’s for hosting, actual designing and developing, or plugin/theme support. 

#2: It offers a plethora of plugins and themes.

WordPress is an open-source system that has an ever-expanding library of themes and plugins at your disposal. Over 50 thousand plugins are currently available to download. This is in addition to more developing and published plugins on a daily basis. There’s just about a plugin for anything you could need. 

Image Source: wpbeginner

Plugins are usually the go-to when a site needs expanding or particular features. However, various themes serve a lot of those needs without requiring plugins. Right now, over 8 thousand themes are readily available through WordPress itself.

#3: The versatility is unmatched.

WordPress, at its core, is best for blogging, but molds into just about anything (from e-commerce and portfolios to landing pages). Some themes and plugins can help you create just about anything, and you can easily mold the base infrastructure to fit your needs. 

A lot of themes are–you guessed it–designed for specific goals. Need a site that will showcase and sell your creative skills? Hundreds of themes are developed to support this very goal, serving as a high-quality portfolio. There are few limits to the types of sites you can make.

#4: The content editor simplifies things. 

WordPress treats everything as if it were a post, and the content editor is very much the same, whether you’re editing a new page or writing a blog post. Throughout its life, WordPress has had many core updates, and one of the latest was making content easier to add and organize with blocks. 

example of WordPress backend using blocks in the content editor
Image Source: wpbeginner

These allow you to write paragraphs, add media, and rearrange content with ease, making page and post-development faster. You can use keyboard shortcuts for these as well, which even further expedites content changes. 

This is only one aspect of what our web design agency likes about WordPress’s content editor. Learn more about the content editor here

#5: It’s free and open source.

There are several website builders available to people in addition to WordPress, such as Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, and Weebly. However, unlike WordPress, most of these are not open source and give you limited control over what you can do. 

WordPress is an open-source system that lets you customize your site in a more hands-on fashion. Adjusting code with WordPress is a lot easier than other non-open-source sites, and there are even plugins that help you do this. 

You also have a choice in where you host your site. The other options are self-hosted, and while this may sound simpler, you will not have the freedom to choose a website design offering the best performance or value. 

Your WordPress site is exactly that: yours. You aren’t just renting space on a builder’s platform. You own the files down to the infrastructure and have the freedom to move it wherever you’d like, whenever you’d like.

WordPress is also free to use, unlike many other web design services. The only fees would come from whatever host you choose to set up shop on and if you want to pay for premium plugins or themes. 

The hosting is necessary, but the other stuff is entirely optional, and many sites will only end up paying the hosting fee. With so many different plugins out there, you’re almost guaranteed to find what you need in a free version.


Our web design agency likes to utilize WordPress for most of our websites builds. Why? It’s used widely throughout the world and has plenty of support. There are tons of plugins and themes at your disposal, allowing you to make just about any site you want or need. It excels at content editing with plenty of built-in features, and it costs nothing to set up. 

Interested in hiring a web design company that specializes in high-performance websites built around each client’s unique goals? BrandCraft is for you. Contact us today to discuss your project. We’d love to hear from you. 

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