How Do You Stay Brand Consistent With Your Type Styles? (And Why It Matters)

Published: February 9, 2021

Oso Meza


There are many components to sustaining a brand in the marketing world, especially on the visual side to stay brand consistent. To name a few, you have your logos, photography styles, and brand color palettes. 

Another essential element is the typography.

In this post, I’ll cover numerous type styles and why being consistent is important for your company.

Brand consistency builds trust.

Most people feel the best about trustworthy companies when preparing to make a purchase. One of the ways to build trust is to make sure your brand is professional and consistent across all platforms. 

  • Is the website easy to function and navigate? 
  • Do we understand the main goal behind a print or web ad? 

Branding plays a large role in being professional, but we’re going to focus on the consistent use of type styles.

Consistent brands have and use their set typography style.

The most successful type incorporates multiple header styles and one paragraph style. Take a look at this blog post. We use a hierarchy to make reading a breeze from section to section. 

The type is spaced out for a seamless transition. The subheaders give you an idea of what each section will cover. Orange text links are highlighted to draw the user to discover a link. Everything is purposefully strategic. 

Building this was straightforward using our company brand guide, which I recommend every company create. With a typography page and more, our team members have clear instructions on how to assemble web pages (including where all the type goes). . 

You utilize type everywhere.

Before we cover type residences, it’s important to understand a foundational piece to your company: your audience and potential customers. Your overall messaging tone should reflect this audience. This should also influence your type’s look and feel.

Here are some questions to consider about your audience:

  • What’s their age range?
  • Where do they shop?
  • What’s their income?
  • What do they do in their free time?

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How to ensure visual brand consistency with your type style

Giving everyone on your team access to your branding guide is a good way to ensure consistency with all your font choices. Here are some pointers for working with type: 

#1: Keep type simple.

It’s easy to get caught up in sprucing up your text styles, but you don’t want to distract your audience with fancy fonts and colors. 

You want your content to guide users to a call-to-action. Avoid using too many fonts or typefaces.

#2: Lead with your headers.

A general rule of thumb is to use four to six header types within your brand. You can always add more if needed.

Displaying a higher visual contrast between each header style is the goal. This can be accomplished through the font size, color, weight, or styling (italics or underlines (use appropriately)). 

A common header problem is excessive words. This issue is larger when the headers are capitalized, making reading more difficult. 

One route to explore is seeing how your main headers (header 1 through 3) look when forced onto two or three lines. If a header takes up more than three lines, consider cutting down the content. 

Certain text box widths play a key role in legibility as well. This pertains more to smaller header styles and body copy, but it should be accounted for to make content, again, easier to read. 

There is a golden ratio between font sizes and line heights/widths as discussed in Secret Symphony: Intro to Golden Ratio TypographyRead more here.

#3: Follow the headers with body copy styling.

There should be a few styles in your body copy but a single style for general content. There are certain cases where you’d like something to stand out but overdoing it conveys the opposite of what you initially wanted, so highlight sparingly. 

Much like headers, you want to be aware of line heights and text box widths for legibility purposes, too. If your web page is content-heavy, bump the font size up a bit. 

You want to avoid straining viewers’ eyes with all that concentration they’d have to do, as explained here.


Maybe you have a brand guide assembled, but you need some detailed attention to bring your messaging and other elements together. The impact of brand consistency on your bottom line is clear, and BrandCraft wants to help put you in a position for success.

Whether you need assistance with a print or web ad, or another creative piece, we’ll help you connect with your potential client. We have experience in creating work that not only looks professional but converts as well. 

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