7 Branding Tips for Small Businesses

Published: June 24, 2021

Mariah Raner


A logo, business card, and mission statement are all components of small business branding. A distinct brand is attractive and memorable. There are many aspects to consider while you grow your organization in the industry. For one, determining your brand positioning can make you stand out. Researching your target audience can lead to a product or service appearing relevant. 

7 branding tips to help get you started

Small company owners can establish and grow their brands even with a limited budget. You will find that there are various ways to build connections and credibility. Here are several tips to get you started. 

#1: Find your brand identity

Take some time to figure out your brand identity. Brand identity involves other things besides a logo, tagline, or slogan. It encompasses an organization’s mission, values, the feel of visual assets, and customer relations. 

The first step is to figure out who you are as a brand. Small business owners may ask themselves what they want to be known for in the marketplace. You might want people to describe your company as passionate or dedicated. Another way to build a unique identity is to focus on your goals. What is your business’s core mission? What difference do you want to make in the industry? 

The next step is to define your target audience. Learn what matters to ideal customers and when they would use your product or service. Many brands also focus on the visual part to build their identities, such as logos and websites. 

#2: Improve your community

A company’s community is an effective way to build and spread brand awareness. Even larger businesses like Facebook try to improve their communities. If people trust a brand’s group, then they are more likely to trust the brand itself. A company may appear customer-centric, which potential consumers look for in a reliable brand. 

You can focus on offline and online communities. Social media is a primary tool for many businesses. Around 3.78 billion people use sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram every day. Making a post is inexpensive, and you can steer the conversation about your brand. Engaging communities can lead to better retention rates and increased revenues. 

Small business branding is more than coming up with a unique name. When a consumer comes across a brand, the logo usually is the first they see. A strong logo is often recognizable and can guide a client’s perception of a company. 

People easily remember Apple’s logo and might think of innovation when they see that apple with a bite in it. There are various types of logos, such as letter marks and abstract logo marks. Each one works best for different brands. 

For a successful design, some tips to consider are: 

  • An image creates a thousand words 
  • Be authoritative 
  • Color is key 
  • Empty space can keep a style clean 

Growing companies tend to keep a logo timeless and avoid clichés. 

#4: Keep promises

One way to maintain customer relationships is to keep promises. Some small businesses make the mistake of allowing promises to go unkept. As a result, people may not see the brand as reliable or credible. They likely will spread their opinion to friends and family. 

Customers are the best source of referrals, and business owners will want them to spread brand awareness through word of mouth as much as possible. A fulfilled promise of listening to feedback, quick deliveries, or sticking to a release date can make consumers happy. 

#5: Empower your customers

Another tip for small business branding is to empower clients. Empowering consumers makes businesses appear dedicated and customer-centric. Spend some time nurturing relationships with clients. You can guide people in spreading your brand and ideas through their networks. 

It is effective for business owners to let consumers know what they can get and give to help the brand grow. Several large organizations offer ways for clients to share their needs and wants. People can feel confident in the choices and connections they make. 

The average customer wants to feel like a company is allowing them to succeed. In turn, they will try to make the organization succeed in accomplishing its goals. 

#6: Make a well-constructed webpage

Websites are necessary for brand identity and creating loyal customers. Several platforms offer affordable services for small businesses to form their website. Webpages are practical for any growing company since they can direct potential customers to products and services. 

Websites provide more information about your brand. Consumers can learn more about how to get involved as well. If you sell products, a site allows people to buy them from the comfort of their own homes. Many types of businesses can generate more revenue with a well-designed webpage. 

Of course, it is critical to make sure a site is convenient to navigate. The visual appeal of it should match the style of your brand. It takes roughly 50 milliseconds for someone to form an impression of a website. A strong design can prevent customers from clicking away. 

#7: Stay consistent

Some small businesses create varying messages based on who might be looking at the content. Consumers can become confused if the website appears more humorous while social media posts have a serious tone. Perhaps, the overall aesthetic does not seem to match a brand’s message. 

Consistency in the type, name, logo, website, and quality of products or services leads to familiarity. Once someone is familiar with your brand, trust begins to form. You can generate leads and communicate with existing customers. Brands that remain consistent may see a 33% increase in revenue

Find the right branding strategy

The marketplace is constantly changing, but the right strategy can help your business grow. There are plenty of tips for small business branding, and it is important to find which ones work best for your company. 

BrandCraft is committed to coming up with effective marketing strategies for organizations. We can give small business owners the well-rounded and consistent approach they need for branding. Reach out to us to begin your journey to a strong brand.

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