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The Client

Snake River Farms is a beef company headquartered in Boise, Idaho that strives for the highest levels of quality and excellence. They control their entire supply chain, from the ranches where the cattle are raised to their processing facility and customer care team.

For years, we’ve been honored to partner with Snake River Farms on direct mail campaigns to impact sales consisting of traditional catalogs with packages and prices. In 2021, we decided to elevate the experience with a bi-annual long-form magazine—or more accurately—a “magalog." The bi-annual publication focuses on storytelling with longer-form articles, guides, and interviews (and less focus on products and prices). The result is a magazine that one would want to read cover-to-cover and keep around on a coffee table.


This Issue's Theme

This is our second issue of The Lead that hit the mail stream, in June of 2022. The theme is  "inspiration nation" and through these articles, we’re letting America’s great eating traditions take the wheel as we explore the endless joys of old favorites and new innovations.

Art Direction

Each article has a unique art direction creating a theme specific to each topic. This creates presence, generates interest to keep the pages turning, and is a visual adventure for the reader. As content and photography are provided by multiple sources, it allows us to create design breathing room. Though each article varies in style, color, and display typography, the body copy is consistent throughout to ensure overall continuity. To help the reader navigate the publication, there are visual “tabs" on the right on internal pages with article titles.


View the complete magazine on the Snake River Farms Website here.