Team Spotlight Oso Meza Hero

Team Spotlight: Oso Meza

Today we get to meet the bear of BrandCraft… Oso Meza!

sailor shirt graphic

A Shirt Design by Oso Meza

Why did you become a designer?

My career options narrowed down through my college years, in a good way. I went into college with a great interest in illustrating and t-shirt graphics, but learned that it wasn’t challenging enough for me. I can’t really pin-point when I found myself gaining interests in website, app, brand, logo designs; it just happened as I progressed through college.

What are the programs that you work with on a daily basis?

My go-to program is definitely Adobe Illustrator. I seek inspiration for design/illustration work from Pinterest, Dribbble, and Instagram.

In your opinion, what qualities and skills should a good graphic designer have?

A good graphic designer has to be a problem solver, great communicator, and have time-management skills. They should also be eager to learn, open to criticism, and have an eye for design.

Describe your creative process. What are the major steps?

  • Obtain all the details I can about the project. (Print/Web? Size? Deadline? Content? etc.)
  • Research inspiration.
  • Sketch out a variety of compositions.
  • Digitally draft top options.
  • Review with creative team.
  • Move forward with team’s direction

What brands do you most admire and how do they influence your work?

The NBA’s and Nike graphic advertisements are always so cool. I’m a fan of basketball, and graphics that are bold, aggressive, clean, and motivating.


An Oso Meza Original

What areas of your work or personal development are you hoping to explore further?

I’d like to take more and better photos, and I look forward being involve in a brand development with the creative team.

What are your nicknames?

  • Bear, (top used nickname)
  • Osito, (family)
  • Os’, (few have confidently called me this)
  • Beartality or Burr. (Xbox Live friends)

What’s playing on your Apple Music app right now?

Doses & Mimosas by Cherub

What do you do for fun?

I like playing Halo 5, Rocket League, and Fortnite on XboxLive, spending time with my pups Brody and Brex, and practice shooting around at the gym.

pizza bear

Oso brings out his inner pizza bear…

What is your go to food?

Gosh, that’s a tough one because I love food. I want say I will never reject a steak burrito, especially if it’s loaded with rice, beans, cilantro, queso, guacamole, light sour-cream and salsa.

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