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We Help Grow Your Sales On The World's Biggest Marketplace

The Skinny

Whether you are new to Amazon, or already established as a seller – we can help at your various stages of growth. We handle anything from product listing creation, search optimization, to managing PPC ads, and more.

Let's work together on growing your business

New to Amazon?

Do you have an established e-commerce business and have considered bringing some, or all, of your products into the Amazon marketplace? Perhaps you have had doubts about whether selling your products on Amazon is the right move for your business.

If you are new to selling on Amazon, we will first meet with you to review your brand, products, and expectations. We will go over:

  • Your products, and what would be needed to get them listed
  • Which fulfillment strategy is right for your business
  • What to expect in terms of costs, as well as a launch timeline
  • Any doubts or questions you may have

Already on Amazon?

Perhaps you have been struggling to gain momentum yet on Amazon - and need help boosting your rankings and sales. Or perhaps you just need someone to take over managing your Amazon Sponsored Ad campaigns, for ongoing optimization and growth?

Managed Amazon Marketing with BrandCraft

With the market always changing, and competitors constantly battling for customers – it can sometimes be a daunting task to stay ahead of the curve.

Your success and profitability on Amazon will largely be determined by a couple of factors that the BrandCraft Amazon team can help you get under control:

How and where your Amazon product listings show up organically. This is determined by how well your listings are optimized for discovery – and your historical sales performance.

What the right PPC strategy is for your brand and products. Our team can optimize your current ad campaigns – and also come up with new campaign and targeting types that may boost your growth.

Most sellers on Amazon experience a leap in growth when they begin to utilize Amazon’s PPC platform – also known as Sponsored Ads. We can help your sales grow through a number of various ad strategies. The more sales we bring in from managing your ad campaigns – the better your listings will also begin to rank organically.