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The Client

Sage Investment Group provides advanced investors a niche real estate investment fund. They providing accredited investors with a portfolio of real estate holdings that historically outperforms other investment options. Combining the stability of multifamily investing with our proven forced appreciation growth model.

Creating the Brand

Sage Investment Group is a high-end exclusive investment group that provides accredited investors with a portfolio of real estate holdings that outperforms other investment options. We do this by acquiring off-market, value-add apartments and repositioning these assets to achieve the highest yield.

Immersive Branding 

Our team kicked off this project with an immersive branding package. We developed a comprehensive brand story as well as all supporting visuals and messaging materials.

Our first step was sitting down with Sage to discuss their vision and goals for the brand. Through research and multiple branding exercises, we determined the brand promise, story, pillars, pitch, personas, personality, and sample messaging.

After establishing the brand, we worked on the visual identity. First up was a custom logo design. With clear direction from the client, our team developed custom typography, brand colors, textures, and secondary logos.

Marketing Material

In time, we created more marketing collateral, including business cards focused on brand introduction. Additionally, we crafted PowerPoint templates, email signatures, presentation folders, thank you cards, and brand posters for continued brand recognition.

Website Design & Development Goals

Without delay, we jumped into the website creation process by determining the layout with a sitemap. Our team focused on continually growing content based on Sage Investment Group’s growing portfolio,  content outline, and responses to the initial branding exercises. We developed search-optimized, customer-facing content to help get the brand found on the web by the right users.