The Client

Proven Meals provides meal plans and recipes for individuals to help them end complications due to autoimmune diseases.

As stated on their website, “We know how it feels to exhaust every health solution, with little to no results. When you’re in the 11th hour, Proven Meals are here to help. Our easy-to-follow meal plans can help you end autoimmune disease symptoms, such as a weakened immune system or canker sores.” Through food experimentation, Proven Meals found a long-term solution that supports healing.

Creating the Proven Meals Brand

BrandCraft delivers growth for organizations through our branding, marketing expertise, and services. Growth requires an investment that takes energy and time to deliver sound results. We had the opportunity to work in areas of branding and website design for Proven Meals. These two key elements came together to create the best experience for this client.

Concepts & Identity

Knowing the identity of a brand—how it looks, sounds, and feels—ensures the quality of that consistency.  Working alongside Proven Meals we were able to develop their brand’s name, colors, logo, and the items that encompass their complete identity guide.

To define and create the unique pieces of the Proven Meal brand, we utilized brand exercises, research, and client questionnaires. The result yielded a distinctive identity guide including primary and secondary logos, requirements and restrictions of each logo, plus brand colors and specific typography. Once the identity was established, we moved into creating a custom website for Proven Meals.

Website Design & Development

We took a custom approach for the Proven Meals website, embracing all of the assets developed during branding. The scope of this project included website design and development, as well as content and messaging.

Key components of our approach included:

  • A mobile-first, modern website design leveraging the new brand assets.
  • On-brand imagery to help the user gain an understanding of Proven Meals products.
  • Compelling messaging with content written to leverage the client’s story, told in the brand’s new voice.
  • Clear Calls-to-Action (CTAs) throughout the site to ensure Proven Meals makes the most of every opportunity for engagement