Vitalize Juice Co.


We were fortunate to have partnered with Cinder brand before wine was in the bottle. We’ve enjoyed an excellent relationship over the past seven years, and are proud to be Cinder’s agency partner.

Brand Identity



Website Design

Website Development

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the juices taste as good as they look. We were lucky enough to sample a few and were very impressed with how fresh and delicious they were.

We were asked to tackle two major tasks: Their branding and their new e-commerce website.

Branding and Labels

Many of the ingredients Vitalize uses are harvested from the company’s vertical farm, where the crops are stacked vertically indoors in a controlled environment. Once harvested, they are quickly pressed for their juices and blended into Vitalize’s signature drinks.

The juices themselves are bright in color, and Shailey wanted to highlight their vibrancy. She incorporated a stylized splash above the logo in the shape of a V and italicized the “-ize” in the verb “vitalize,” making the word more active and dynamic. As she put it, “We wanted to emphasize the good stuff that gets into your body every time you take a sip of a Vitalize product.”

Her simple, clean labels for each bottle match the products inside (orange for Orange Immunity, green for Green Machine) and use icons that represent the fruits and ingredients in each blend. Shailey counterbalanced this rainbow of colors with Vitalize’s main brand color, a darker purple.

Each label is a die-cut sticker that allows the consumer to see behind the label into the juice without turning the bottle. Shailey also carefully calibrated the point size of the font so the labels will work with any future products that might include a larger number of ingredients.

E-Commerce Website

Vitalize’s e-commerce website required some heavy lifting: We had to include build-your-own 18-pack functionality, subscription signup and purchases, an affiliate program, loyalty rewards, and a Product of the Month that would count double toward the consumer’s loyalty reward points. In addition, the Vitalize site had to include coupons and offers that could be applied toward the consumer’s total and email marketing functionality.

Shailey and the team carried the vivid design of the product branding throughout the entire website, with bold colors and the splash motif liberally added throughout. We built the site on user-friendly WordPress so the client can add more content, products, and offers whenever needed.

The Reaction

Our clients were so pleased with the site, which made us super happy — it’s always rewarding to work for mom-and-pop businesses run by owners who are genuinely nice and want to make a difference in the world. Vitalize Juice Co. is up and running and taking orders, and we can’t wait to see what new products they develop next!