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When we were tasked with revamping the McCall Chamber of Commerce website, our task was simple: Give visitors new ways and opportunities to be loyal to this iconic area.

The McCall area is the go-to mountain destination for Treasure Valley residents, who enjoy its lakeside living in the summer and outstanding skiing in the winter.

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To do that, we had to better reflect the feel of the McCall area. We created a fresh and inviting design that incorporates illustrated green trees, blue typeface that echoes the hues of the lake, and organic orange patterns as highlights. Arrows that indicate calls to action have an almost summer camp-like feel to them, but are balanced with a mix of traditional serif fonts and sans serif highlights.

We also had to better reflect the area’s year-round opportunities in our design. The new website serves both as a tourism hub for Visit McCall and as a portal for the McCall Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau. It was important to feature local events and seasonal opportunities throughout.

Here's how we did it.


Seasonal compass.

We made it easier to plan a trip by incorporating a functional, seasonal “compass.” Simply choose a season, and the compass automatically redirects and repopulates the trip planning section of the site with suggested activities and calendar events.


Event calendar.

Businesses and organizations can share their events within minutes thanks to an easy-to-use submission form that populates the area calendar.


Direct navigation.

The site interface is very compact and allows for one-click navigation from any point in the online experience. For good usability, the navigation is fixed-position, which especially helps on mobile and avoids annoying scroll-down-and-then-back-up issues.


Member profiles.

We made it simple for prospective chamber members to join and for existing chambers to build and edit their business profiles. A password-protected portal gives members easy access to their own information — no submitting requests or changes. Plus, members can offer special incentives to other chamber members.


Banner ads.

We placed banner ad opportunities throughout the site so chamber members can purchase ad space and choose their own placements.


Better search.

Search is even simpler and more intuitive now and encompasses the entire site and the member directory of businesses.