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When we become Southern Idaho Tourism’s agency of record four years ago, many people — even Idahoans — didn’t consider the region a destination.



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We’re happy to say that we’ve changed that perception. This area is quickly becoming a must-see for nature and adventure lovers, and it deserves every ounce of attention it gets.

During our initial work, we revamped the brand strategy and website and developed the Authentic Idaho advertising campaign, which revolutionized the way travelers interact with the brand. Since then, we’ve successfully touted Southern Idaho’s key features: It’s the best place in the state for outdoor activities, with hundreds of miles of wilderness, hiking and biking trails, and watersports. Southern Idaho is Idaho’s Waterfalls Country, where the “Niagara of the West” — Shoshone Falls — attracts thousands of visitors every year. And it’s home to four national park properties, more than any other region of the state.

Southern Idaho has big attractions and big potential, and our most recent work reflects that. We refreshed the website we created four years ago and developed further iterations of the Authentic Idaho campaign that showcase the scale of the area’s attractions and the feelings of wonder they inspire. Fresh print, radio, broadcast, billboards, and online banners are up now.

We’ve taken every opportunity to engage with readers and give them the tools (travel itineraries, adventure guides, and email newsletters) they need to take advantage of the region’s spectacular natural features, charming towns, and daring sporting opportunities.

We manage content marketing and lead generation for the organization, which extends to social media channels, developing guides and itineraries, and managing the organization’s blog. We mine valuable leads and prospect information from landing pages and other content offers. Using inbound marketing, we continue to grow the intelligent customer database that can be segmented and monitored based on every interaction with the brand on social channels, the website, or email marketing campaigns. That information helps us create targeted marketing tactics and build useful, relevant email blasts, automated marketing, and special offers.

Thanks to our dedicated public relations efforts, Southern Idaho Tourism has been mentioned as a must-see destination in USA Today, the Salt Lake Tribune (Utah is one of our top markets), the Weather Channel, and Northwest Travel and Life Magazine.

Over the past four years, website traffic and organic search has skyrocketed, social audiences are growing at a high rate of speed, leads are being generated, and hotel bookings have increased over 12% year over year.