East Stroudsburg University


East Stroudsburg University is home to the most diverse campus in the Pennsylvania state system. It’s accessible, it’s affordable, it graduates great students, and its attendees are hyper-involved in campus life. In short, it’s a really awesome place to go to school.

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Website Design

We’ll begin work on the next phase of ESU’s marketing plan, the university’s website redesign, in 2017. Stay tuned!

Our job was to showcase all of that awesomeness in 30 seconds or less.

We were honored to join the crack team in charge of ESU’s marketing and advertising efforts, including Joe Bosack & Co., the agency leading the academic and athletic branding for the university, a New York-based research firm (Copernicus Marketing, now part of Isobar), and a seasoned media buyer (Morrow Media NYC). Together, we identified our target audiences and developed a strategy for reaching them with our campaign.

We started with the students themselves: East Stroudsburg’s campus has fewer than 7,000 of them, and that’s led to a close-knit community that has a lot of pride in its school and athletic programs. We targeted four types of students: “local learners,” or students who live within 100 miles of campus and “social scholars,” the enthusiastic students who love campus life and athletics.

Over the course of three full, action-packed days, directors of photography Travis Swartz and Jake Hixon joined Paul Carew of Carew Co. to create 15- and 30-second video spots based on “Where Warriors Belong,” positioning statement we developed for the campaign. These videos capture the richness of campus life, the liveliness of its athletic programs, and the university’s quality education programs. We rand the spots on Pandora with accompanying display ads that link to special landing pages on ESU’s website, and we shot enough footage to keep ESU in great photos and video for the next two to three years.

New ESU Brand Unveil Video (:30)

Local Learners (:30)

Social Scholars (:30)