Cherish App


Market Research

In order to best prepare for the app’s launch and ongoing marketing, we needed to know the top use cases for the app. Bottom line, what event would cause a consumer to download this app? Our market researchers strategically created consumer surveys to determine why consumers would decide to use this app.


A brand position is the cornerstone to all elements of branding and marketing. It is the unique selling proposition that must be supported in how your brand looks, feels, and sounds to create the consistency that produces recognition and results.


Logo Design and Branding

From inception to final, we worked closely with the Cherish group to develop a meaningful logo. The final mark embodies the idea and emotions around sharing meaningful video. The mark is a combination of two hearts that blend together to form a visual that represents opening a gift or package from a loved one. The wordmark is understated and clean, followed up by the tag line "Open Meaningful".

App Development and User Interface Design

The user interface should be the true brand experience. From color to button design it should be a clean interface to share video with your most meaningful connections.


Web Development

Over 80% of consumers research products and services online before making a purchase decision - making your website your greatest sales tool. Make sure it is providing an experience to close the sale through its visuals, content, and functionality.