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The Client

McCurley Dealerships is more than an ordinary car dealership — they do more than sell and service vehicles. Being a part of the community means the relationships built are important and they matter. After caring about relationships for decades, a logo and brand refresh was necessary to push them and the community's future growth forward.

Refreshing the Brand

Branding starts by defining the organization's core values and positioning. This creates a clear direction to explore the potential visual components. We define the brand's color palette, typography, photography style, and graphic elements. The brand evolution showcases professionalism, growth, and all while being community-focused.


Rebrand Process Video

Messaging & Identity

Most car dealerships think their marketing is about them - how long they’ve been in business, their expertise, their deals. McCurley was different as they understood that this new chapter was about focusing on the customer and making them the hero of the story.

This way, we can show that McCurley understands the importance of the products and services they offer — because a car is more than just a car, it's your way home.

The look and feel are created from a sense of place and purpose as McCurley stands on its own. The visual interpretation of the brand invokes emotions, ideas, and thought placements by being forward-thinking and forward-looking. Through the messaging and style scapes, the brand displays confidence and capability while touching on brand values of simplicity and technology.