The importance of Focus in your marketing

use focused marketing to target nicheLet us talk about Focus. I’m not referring to the laser like focus that Michael Jordan displayed throughout his career, he was mentally focused on the job at hand. I’m talking about the focus on a specific product or service that you offer and building a marketing campaign that surrounds it. 

We all watch television or listen to the radio and consume advertising. Typically, on a local market, we hear general marketing speak that in my opinion does nothing to engage or create action from buyers. The ads typically says something like “we are the industry leader”, “we have been serving community x for years”, “we have all types of product x and other things”. The biggest benefit any of these advertisers are going to realize is possibly name recognition and branding. The problem with spending money on name recognition and branding is that it is expensive, and often not the first step I would take. As a small business owner, you need to rid yourself of the fear that if you don’t tell everybody, about everything you offer, your marketing dollars will be wasted. The opposite will happen, you will appeal to nobody and waste marketing dollars that could be used to Focus on certain groups of potential buyers. Instead, you should focus on specific target buyers and bring them into your store. 

Let’s Focus

To get the most out of a campaign and to move people into action, we need to be specific and direct about what we are offering. If you are a local retailer, you could FOCUS on a specific brand or solution that your store offers.

Lets look at a progression from a general marketing message through a very direct marketing message. For this example, I am keeping the general message simple, since this could be expanded upon somewhat depending on the advertising medium (tv, radio, web, digital media).

The Business: Lets use the example of a local sports gear supplier, “Jimmy Sports Supply”


Current Advertising message. 

[box color=”gray” icon=”eye”]Come see Jimmy Sport Supply, we offer all brands and gear for your sports head. Golf, Football, Baseball, Running and more. We offer great prices and personalized service that meet your needs. Our spring sale runs from now until the end of the month. Find us on the web at [/box]

[box color=”blue” icon=”thumb_down”]Typically, this message runs over and over with the hope that people will remember that Jimmy Sports Supply has just about everything. I won’t remember it, and I doubt you will. I am not really interested in all of those things.[/box]


Let’s focus our marketing message for Golf. 

jimmysportssupplygolfh[box color=”gray” icon=”eye”]Jimmy Sports Supply offers the latest Golf Equipment in stock and ready to buy. You can try it before you buy it on our in house test facility. Come see the latest models from Mizuno, Callaway, Taylor Made and more. Get ready for this golf season with new golf equipment from Jimmy Sports Supply.[/box]

[box color=”blue” icon=”lightbulb”]

The message is  getting better and the focus is clearer. This message appeals to golfers, they will take notice and likely have a much higher “top of mind” connection to Jimmy Sports Supply. You have now made a connection to potential buyer, that likely would not have been made with your general marketing message. [/box]  

Let’s focus further into Golf Drivers.

jimmysportssupplygolfx1[box color=”gray” icon=”eye”] Jimmy Sports Supply has the X1 Boom driver from Callaway in stock. Our in house experts can custom fit you to this years best new driver. Explosive distance and greater control will help lower your scores and intimidate your buddies. Lower your handicap, out-drive your group, be a leader, buy the X1. In-Stock and ready to play this afternoon.[/box]

[box color=”green” icon=”thumb_up”]

Better focus yet, not only have we introduced consumers to a specific product, we appealed to their emotion to take action. We provided benefits of buying from a local retailer instead of a online retailer (play it this afternoon).[/box]

But, we carry lots of products, I can’t run ads for every product.

If you are worried that using Focused marketing won’t be beneficial to whole store sales – I disagree. As a consumer myself, if hear/view/read an ad that is focused on the X1 Boom driver I make assumptions in my mind about this retailer. My assumption is that Jimmy Sports must carry the latest and greatest of all brands. Even though I’m not interested in the X1 I might be interested in a different driver. My rational thinking tells me, if they have this brand new driver I assume they probably also have the brand new driver I want. I gain trust that this retailer is an expert and keeps up with trends. I’m confident they will have the product I want and that I can buy it TODAY. 

Of course if you were Jimmy Sports, you would run multiple focused campaigns throughout the year focused on different sports and gear by season. If you are a service provider, you may choose to Focus your marketing by quarter. Give it a try and see what happens. 

Connect your campaign digitally.

This type of focus is beneficial for web, social media and digital advertising as well. When you run a focused campaign, it also brings into focus the strategy for social media and your website. Create unique landing pages on our website that offer the same details about the X1 that you are supplying to your TV and Radio listeners. Update your social media channel with product offers and tips for the golfer. Finally, run ads through Google or provide unique content to further enhance your Focused media campaign.  

This type of cohesive strategy, with a focus on your specific consumers,  will pay off in the long run with groups of buyers who are focused on a line of products or specific niche your store offers. 


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