Show your clients just how you can benefit their lives.

Video Production and Marketing for Dentists

Every dental practice has a story—but how do you tell it?

It can be tricky to determine what your clients want to know about your business, whether it’s fun facts about your staff, a little about your upbringing and education, or the services you offer.

Make Your Vision a Reality

Imagine how much trust you’d generate with clients if you could tell your story in a genuine fashion that says, “We’re here for you.” Video production and marketing are two ways that BrandCraft, a video production company, can make this vision a reality. Not only can video put visuals to your story, but it can also highlight your services and increase bookings.

Our Dental Video Creation Services

Professional Storytelling

At BrandCraft, we’re no rookies. Our writers generate powerful scripts that speak to your ideal clients, uncover emotions, and encourage action. We’ll write in a way that’s so fluid and natural that your clients will feel like they’re watching a story unfold.

Talent Sourcing

Coming up with a video idea is one thing, but finding the right talent is a whole ‘nother story. Our team will ask questions to figure out who the best star for your story is, and find them (whether it’s you, your clients, actors, or a spokesperson).

Filming and Production

Once we’ve established the video concept and generated a script that meets your expectations, we’ll begin filming. Our video production team will manage everything for you, making your job a whole lot easier.

The Video Production Process

Step #1: Pre-Production

As with any project, a plan sets the stage for your success. In pre-production, we’ll create an outline for every aspect of the video creation, including the concept, style, talent, location, and set design details. We’ll also write the script at this stage.

Step #2: Production
Step #3: Post-Production
Step #4: Final Revisions

Let's Talk

Here at BrandCraft, your satisfaction with your video production and video marketing is our priority. The average video creation team stops after filming is complete--but we don’t. We’ll write, film, manage, and market your video, and we have the tools to do it all. Reach out to our video production company today to schedule a time to chat.