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SEO for Dentists

Scaling your dental practice takes new patients month after month.

SEO is a longer term strategy to gain new patients over time.

Here’s the thing.

We don’t want your marketing efforts to be wasted. Instead of throwing your hard-earned money at any marketing activity, hoping that something will stick, we can guide you to the right options. Gaining traffic from potential patients is the objective.  A no-gimmicks SEO strategy and the right content can get you there by bringing more potential patients to your site when they search for keywords related to finding a new dentist.

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Our Dental SEO Services

When it comes down to SEO for dentists, a couple critical items are integral to your success:

The Right Agency

A performance-driven search engine optimization company with its eye on both content marketing and technical SEO


SEO won’t put your website at the top of Google overnight, but it can drive high-quality results over time—if you’re willing to put in the investment.

SEO Content and Copywriting

Our search engine optimization company will write cutting-edge content for you each month tailored to your ideal client. Your job is to approve the topics. We got the rest, from identifying keywords with a high ROI potential and developing the first draft to publishing the content online.


Lead Generating Website Design

BrandCraft’s exceptional website designers create conversion-focused websites that go above and beyond your competition. Our sites are always customer-centric, meaning that we write them with your target audience in mind. Not only can we design a strong landing page that adheres to your brand image, but we can design it in a sales funnel format to show potential clients why they should contact you right away.

Local Search Optimization

Local families make up the majority of your business. The right search optimization techniques can put your message right before them, positioning you as the go-to dentist in your city or state. BrandCraft can make this happen by pinpointing the right local search terms and utilizing them throughout your online presence to increase your likelihood of getting found when people search for a dentist nearby.

Complete Dental
Marketing Services

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is more than being seen online. Makes sure your brand’s products are at the right place at the right time.

Branding / Design

We believe brand matters in the competitive dental market. We elevate your brand to compete and win in the market.

Website Design

We design dental websites to perform, bottom line. But performance doesn't have to sacrifice quality in design and user interface. 

Video Production

Tell your compelling, unique, and engaging story through video. Video is a great way for dentists to connect with potential patients.

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We're confident we can beat any other marketing firm when comparing long term results. We don't take shortcuts, we won't sell you snake oil. We have built our system on steady, confident, guided marketing principles that will pay off for the growth-minded dental practice.

We don't promise it, we don't guarantee it, we just work hard to deliver it.