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Custom Photography for Dentists


If you want to stand out in such a competitive industry, custom photography is a must.

Your website has a little bit of everything--from customer-focused content to an eye-catching design. There’s just one thing that’s missing: custom photography. Your competitors have photography for every facet of their businesses. They have images of their dentists, receptionists, location, and more.

Here at BrandCraft, we have a full photography team--with an eye for detail--who knows how to paint your business in the best light with the right backgrounds, lighting, colors, and more. Make a statement, and differentiate yourself from other local practices with new, high-quality photos.

Our Dental Industry Photography Services

There’s a place for stock photos, but when you’re appealing to local clients, they want to see your face and pictures of your dental location. Having better-quality photos can set you apart from the competition and increase your brand recognition. BrandCraft shoots all photos with a purpose and utilizes modern equipment and our in-house studio (if necessary) to capture exceptional photos that resonate with your clients.

  • Portrait and Team Photography

    Professional headshots give your clients a chance to get to know you. It makes your practice look more personable, and as a bonus, you can use the photos throughout your social media and website.

  • Commercial Photography

    Having a quality picture of your business online can make it easier for clients to find you. BrandCraft has offices in the Tri-Cities and Spokane. We’re more than happy to take pictures at our agency or travel to you for your project.

  • Product Photography

    Interested in promoting a new product, such as a teeth whitening kit or braces? Our product photography service is a great option. The right photography can make your product look more desirable, which makes people buy.

Why get professional photos for dentists?

Good custom photography is hard to come by, but it’s necessary. Having professional photos for dentists shows your clients you care and are personable, which can benefit lead generation.

Real Photos Create a
Sense of Trust

Any dental practice can get stock photos. They’re a dime a dozen. Make your practice stand out with genuine photos of real people. They add personality and trustworthiness to your brand, which can attract real clients who are looking for a family dentist.

Elevate Your Brand Image with Professional Photos

Custom photography can bring out any website’s best features, and it can also enhance your brand image. Make your company look its best with great, new photos.

Complete Dental
Marketing Services

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is more than being seen online. Makes sure your brand’s products are at the right place at the right time.

Branding / Design

We believe brand matters in the competitive dental market. We elevate your brand to compete and win in the market.

Website Design

We design dental websites to perform, bottom line. But performance doesn't have to sacrifice quality in design and user interface. 

Video Production

Tell your compelling, unique, and engaging story through video. Video is a great way for dentists to connect with potential patients.

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We're confident we can beat any other marketing firm when comparing long term results. We don't take shortcuts, we won't sell you snake oil. We have built our system on steady, confident, guided marketing principles that will pay off for the growth-minded dental practice.

Our custom photography is for any dental practice seeking to improve its branding. Connect with us today to request a free quote.