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Branding and Logo Design for Dentists


A quality logo design can do wonders for your company, from highlighting your values to creating a memorable image for your ideal clients—

 If your logo doesn’t represent your brand or isn’t consistent throughout your online presence, you might confuse clients. Not only can this prevent your dental practice from growing, but it can also make the rest of your marketing more difficult to execute.

If your logo design and branding are due for some work, that’s where a brand strategist and logo design company come in. BrandCraft is a branding agency that can review your current logo design and branding, and recommend areas for improvement. Your logo is a powerful sales tool. It’s time to make the most of it.

Why get a new dental logo design?

Sure, your existing logo might look nice on paper, but consider how it looks online. Does it resonate with your ideal clients? Does it signify the feelings you want to convey most about your dental practice? If not, a new dental logo design might be in order.

A new dental logo can ensure better brand alignment.

When your brand is consistent across all platforms, people are more likely to trust you. That increases your chances of conversion and boosts brand awareness (when done right, of course). When you work with our brand agency, we’ll develop all versions of your logo and make sure they’re visually appealing on all platforms.

Updated logos let clients know you’re rebranding.

If you’re adding new dental services to the menu, or you’re revamping things to provide more value for your clients, it might be time for a rebrand. Changing up your logo is key here, as is ensuring that your core values stay consistent. BrandCraft will maintain your company’s brand equity and any parts of the logo design you like now, but we’ll also improve them as you see fit.

A single dental logo version is not enough.

You may not want to use the same logo on your website as you use on your social media, especially if there are lots of text and details. Social media is for simple logo designs and secondary logos. By working with a logo design agency, you can receive variations of your logo with guidelines on where and when to use them.

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BrandCraft is a dental branding agency that asks all the right questions to deliver a finished product that gives you pride. You don’t want just any branding agency for the dental industry.

The right dental branding agency should provide a full logo design service to bring your brand together. Book a no-gimmick, free consultation with us today to find out more about our process.