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The Client

Clearwater Law Group is a full-service legal firm serving Kennewick, Pasco, Richland, and throughout Washington state. The law firm focuses on Family Law, Criminal Defense, and Immigration Law.

Creating the Brand

Clearwater Law Group came to BrandCraft seeking to modernize their brand and reposition the firm to create a stronger connection with the community. Along with the update to their current branding and web presence, Clearwater Law also was looking to deploy a paid digital marketing strategy that would allow them to compete with the larger firms in the area, while also being budget minded with growth coming from efficiencies and return on ad spend.

Messaging & Identity

The first task for our team was to add clarification and purpose behind Clearwater Law’s positioning and messaging. Our team went through an intensive process of establishing the true identity that Clearwater Law wanted to present to potential clients, and then we're able to package that messaging in a clear and powerful way.

To help Clearwater Law transform the foundation of their brand we developed an extended identity guide. We delivered a brand that focused on clarity and sophistication. This is showcased through the fresh color palette and updated logo. Additionally, the clean white space in both web and print echos professionalism, tying in with happy photography styles.

Website Design & Development

After the positioning and messaging had been identified and clearly outlined, the team took on the task of updating Clearwater Law’s website to move it away from the “traditional” law firm model and into a welcoming and community focused site.

Clearwater Law  was previously dealing with an outdated website with limited functionality. Through finalizing site maps, content assistance, and mobile design we architected a newly redesigned website while meeting the client's goals.

Client Testimonial