Team Spotlight: Oso Meza

oso meza—team spotlight

Today we get to meet the bear of BrandCraft… Oso Meza! Why did you become a designer? My career options narrowed down through my college years, in a good way. I went into college with a great interest in illustrating and t-shirt graphics, but learned that it wasn’t challenging enough for me. I can’t really…

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Team Spotlight: Jessica Miracle

Team Spotlight Jessi Miracle Hero

Why did you become a graphic designer/illustrator? I’ve always loved art and drew all the time. I still have sketchbooks and notepads that I filled up when I was in elementary school. So when I was in high school and had to start thinking about careers I thought it might be fun to make a…

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Welcome to the Team, Ruby!

Hey Everyone, great to finally be a full-time Crafty! Check out my bios below and feel free to email me with any questions regarding my new role here as Chief Wellness Officer. Sniff Me Out On Linkedin

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