Getting Started With an Integrated Marketing Strategy

integrated marketing strategy

Your brand’s marketing strategy is your overall plan for reaching prospective customers and enticing them to use your product or service. An integrated marketing strategy aligns your primary brand message delivered throughout the marketing channels you use. What is an Integrated Marketing Strategy? An integrated marketing strategy is an approach that aligns your marketing efforts…

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Don’t Lose Quality Leads Due to a Broken Lead Generation Strategy

For marketers and businesses that want to grow, lead generation is critical. Increased lead generation entails raising brand awareness and interest in your products or services, as well as nurturing interested prospects through the marketing funnel and into your sales pipeline. Lead generation tactics, when done correctly, build strong relationships with qualified clients who are…

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The New Era of Shifting Your Focus to Marketing Activation

shifting focus to marketing activation

Brands that offer more relevant experiences are more attractive to consumers, and in return, consumers are more likely to reward them with activity. Active customers have the potential to drive significant growth for companies, and if a company has more active customers, it is likely to attain more growth. Ad-supported companies such as social networks…

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Trends to Adopt in Your Marketing Strategy for 2022

marketing trends to adopt in 2022

Digital transformation is impacting businesses as newer marketing trends emerge often. Just this year, 2021, businesses made more profits because of the ever-changing trends amidst the economic challenges faced for the last one and half years. As a professional, it is best to stay ahead of the game in your industry. It would be best…

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The Benefits of A/B Testing in Marketing Campaigns

Let’s face it; the business world has become increasingly competitive, with companies striving to outdo each other given any slightest opportunity. So the only way to stay on top of the game is by relentlessly giving more value to your customers. Additionally, working on developing better strategies to generate more top-quality leads. That means producing…

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Marketing In A Digital Age: How To Transform A Business With Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing is a vital component to ensuring your success. Integrated marketing can be defined as the amalgamation of multiple marketing activities and techniques working in unison towards a common goal—not just advertising. At the very core, integrated marketing means two things: (1) collect and digest data (2) implement into a cohesive system of actionable…

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Cherish App

Market Research In order to best prepare for the app’s launch and ongoing marketing, we needed to know the top use cases for the app. Bottom line, what event would cause a consumer to download this app? Our market researchers strategically created consumer surveys to determine why consumers would decide to use this app. Positioning…

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Email Deliverability for Websites: How to Stop Your Emails From Going to Spam

email deliverability for websites

Not every email reaches its destination inbox. Most people understand the concept of spam/junk folders. In reality, there are plenty more reasons for a message not to reach its destination.  This post hopefully will unravel the mystery of avoiding the spam folder for emails coming from your website (such as contact form notifications and e-commerce order updates).  What You Should Know About Email Deliverability If you are tired of your emails hitting the spam folder, you’re not alone. Here’s a quick guide…

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Improving Marketing Efficiency: The Importance of Market Segmentation

The key to customer-centric marketing is effective personalization. Anything from lead generation to customer retention requires a smart approach to segmentation. No matter how big or small your target audience is, dividing it into segments can streamline your marketing strategy and improve your business growth opportunities. The segments you create at the initial marketing stage…

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How to Successfully Blend Inbound and Outbound Marketing

inbound and outbound marketing

Leveraging your marketing strategies can help you stand out in the current over-saturated marketing environment. It would help if you aimed at improving your conversion rates and subsequently impacting your results. Today we’re going to focus on combining inbound and outbound marketing for exceptional results. Inbound marketing uses customer-centric channels. These can be seen as…

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