11 Effective Brand Awareness Strategies

brand awareness strategies

Brand awareness; the level or extent to which customers recognize a brand and associate with its products and services, is substantially beneficial to businesses in many ways. From brand recognition, credibility, customer loyalty to attracting new customers, brand awareness strategies can significantly accelerate your company’s growth and development.  11 Strategies for Effective Brand Awareness And…

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7 Branding Tips for Small Businesses

branding tips

A logo, business card, and mission statement are all components of small business branding. A distinct brand is attractive and memorable. There are many aspects to consider while you grow your organization in the industry. For one, determining your brand positioning can make you stand out. Researching your target audience can lead to a product…

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ICAN feature photo

ICAN Hard Seltzer Website Design & Product Packaging ICAN Hard Seltzer is a brand from the award-winning winery Mercer Estates. A family-owned company headquartered in Prosser, WA focused on making their mark in an emerging industry they developed a wine-based hard seltzer beverage. Branding Product Design Website Design Digital Marketing Dive Into Natural from BrandCraft…

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City of Pasco

The New Logo From the beginning, we worked closely with the City of Pasco to develop a meaningful and inclusive logo. The final mark was an evolution of the old city logo and its beloved shield mark. We modernized the logo to bring in elements of diversity and landmarks, to create a perfect blend of…

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Your Guide to Choosing the Right Logo Designer

logo designer

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your company’s logo or establish your brand’s foundation, choosing the right logo designer is no easy task. Creating a polished logo is a job for a professional (one with the right kind of experience). In today’s blog, I’m highlighting several factors to consider when choosing a logo designer so that…

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Patio Covers Unlimited

The New Mark The new logo is modern, clean and more representative of heat and sun protection with the use of new yellow and black color scheme. Branding Branding and identity can be a tricky thing to manage. Successful branding is consistency at all touch points of your business that leads to trust and buy-in…

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How to Brand Your Business: Expertise from a Branding Agency

Whether you hire a branding agency or rely on your own efforts, understanding each component of building a strong brand is key. You need to ask yourself several questions when branding your business, including: Will my brand resonate with my target audience? What should my brand look like? What should my brand make people feel? …

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How to Narrow Down the Best Colors for Your Brand Identity

It only takes a minute and a half for most consumers to decide whether they like a product they’re seeing for the first time. Color is also one of the most integral elements of your brand identity because it helps you develop brand recognition.  And would you believe us if we said that the brand…

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