Data & Design: How Analytics Amplifies the Impact of Creativity

the impact of data & design

What makes business marketing successful? Is it data or design? Many organizations operate these two entities. The term creative has often been linked to design elements such as social images in paid advertising or website design. Design often comes first when determining what works best in business. What about data—an essential element that every company…

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How to Take Advantage of Intent Signals to Fuel Your Sales Pipeline

Success in sales and marketing is strongly dependent on data, and every smart marketer knows the potential worth of intent data and its ability to help realize broad company objectives. It’s also crucial to note that successful sales results involve effective tactics, management, and effort. Not only will a comprehensive insight into consumer needs to…

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How Developing Your Brand Book Strengthens Your Business’s Bottom Line

brand book impacts your bottom line

What is a brand? A brand is how a company, product, or individual is perceived by those who interact with it. Brands stick in the heads of everyone who experiences them: employees, investors, and, more importantly, customers. In the most basic sense, a brand is a perception. Defining your brand is incredibly valuable to organizations…

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How B2B Companies Benefit from an Agile Marketing Strategy

A company’s marketing team is essential in achieving organizational long-term and short-term goals. And the only way to accomplish this is by adopting and implementing marketing strategies that effectively optimize the available resources. By implementing agile marketing strategies, your team is more likely to identify and resolve their focus and collective efforts. This also creates…

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Getting Started With an Integrated Marketing Strategy

integrated marketing strategy

Your brand’s marketing strategy is your overall plan for reaching prospective customers and enticing them to use your product or service. An integrated marketing strategy aligns your primary brand message delivered throughout the marketing channels you use. What is an Integrated Marketing Strategy? An integrated marketing strategy is an approach that aligns your marketing efforts…

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Why Businesses Should Conduct an Internal Brand Audit

A brand audit is a thorough analysis of your brand’s performance. It looks at how your company is performing compared to its competitors, what kind of experience your customers are having, and whether your values and your messaging are aligned. An audit will make sure you’re clear about who your target customer is, what story…

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The Role Storytelling Has on Advertising Campaigns

Effective advertising is all about connecting with the prospective consumer and triggering their emotions. And there’s no better way to realize that feat than through storytelling. The best stories relate to a person’s life, values, beliefs, or experiences in some way. Storytelling is one of the most effective marketing strategies to adopt in 2022, as…

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Don’t Lose Quality Leads Due to a Broken Lead Generation Strategy

For marketers and businesses that want to grow, lead generation is critical. Increased lead generation entails raising brand awareness and interest in your products or services, as well as nurturing interested prospects through the marketing funnel and into your sales pipeline. Lead generation tactics, when done correctly, build strong relationships with qualified clients who are…

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The New Era of Shifting Your Focus to Marketing Activation

shifting focus to marketing activation

Brands that offer more relevant experiences are more attractive to consumers, and in return, consumers are more likely to reward them with activity. Active customers have the potential to drive significant growth for companies, and if a company has more active customers, it is likely to attain more growth. Ad-supported companies such as social networks…

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How a Branding Agency Solves Marketing Messaging Misalignment

branding agency marketing messaging misalignment

One of the most critical roles that marketing executives and service executives are tasked with is sustaining the health of their firm’s brand. A well-managed brand is arguably a firm’s most important asset. Nonetheless, a lack of diligence may lead to the deterioration of your firm’s brand. Your firm’s positioning and differentiators may lose potency.…

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