Leveraging Emotional Intelligence to Navigate Rapid Growth in the Workplace

emotional intelligence in the workplace

The importance of hard skills vs. soft skills has long been debated. In the current business climate, the argument for softer skills like emotional intelligence is picking up steam. Hence why empathy is now widely considered the most important leadership skill. Angst due to lack of control over the variables around us (such as pandemics…

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What Good Manager Feedback Really Looks Like

Whether you’re giving it or getting it, feedback can be challenging, which is why it tends to be neglected despite its critical role in effective internal communication. Recent studies indicate 98 percent of employees fail to stay engaged when there’s little to no manager feedback, and 33 percent of employees say a “lack of open,…

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BrandCraft® Expands With the Addition Of A Second Office Located In Spokane, WA

Tri-Cities-based growth marketing agency expands into Spokane market. SPOKANE, Wash. (March 23rd, 2021) – BrandCraft®, eastern Washington’s premier growth marketing agency, announced today the opening of a second office located in downtown Spokane, WA. Building on its success in the Tri-Cities, BrandCraft’s Spokane office will offer clients integrated marketing and design services to help them achieve…

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Your Brand Identity: How to Ensure Full Brand Alignment

Staying True to you brand's identity

In the business world, your brand is your lifeline. It’s how consumers perceive your business–the good and bad. It’s the feelings, emotions, and everything in between that come to mind when people think of your company.  Your brand identity takes things a step further. As a growth marketing agency specializing in branding, we’re here to guide you through…

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