What We Expect a Client to Deliver Before a B2B Website Design Project

Having an updated website has been a key component of business success and will continue to be in this digital age. There are “more than 263 million American consumers” who do their shopping online, which is approximately 80% of the population. Many companies are choosing to update their web presence for the first time in…

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Ask a Website Designer: What Are the Top Web Design Trends For 2022?

Art and media are always in a state of flux and change. Website design is no exception, especially in 2022. Website designers will find the new trends leaning heavily into type as the main visual element. Brutalist designs put more emphasis on the structure of a site and the content it is providing. In 2022,…

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The Graphic Designer Countdown to Christmas

graphic designer countdown

OK, listen. It’s the holidays. You might be one of those people who protests anything Christmas related until the week after Thanksgiving, or you could be the person who has a fully decorated tree and Michael Bublé on repeat by November 2nd. But I have some bad news for you. Whether you’re the early bird…

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Best Contact Forms Plugins for Your New Web Build

In this post-COVID world, it’s undeniable that businesses need to be present for their customers online. Even if you aren’t selling products online, you’re selling yourself as a trustworthy business. Part of that business strategy is keeping a line of communication between you and your customers, especially for new web builds. Luckily, contact forms plugins make…

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What Is a WordPress Child Theme, and Why Should I Use One?

Working with a WordPress child theme

Themes are the heart of WordPress websites, and many allow a web developer a wide range of customization options. But there are many instances where a professional website build needs more than what a theme will allow. Website developers can choose to edit the theme’s core files, but there is an easier and more effective…

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What Makes a Good Website Design?

elements of a good website design

There are no secret techniques to design a quality website. After all, every website’s purpose differs, as does the designer. However, there are a few standard elements that every good web design agency will keep in mind when creating a website. Below, we will explore each of these website design elements in detail so that…

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The Ins and Outs of 301 Redirects: When Should You Use Them?

301 redirects and how you should use them

You’ve invested time and money into building a website that generates leads, but you need to make sure your website remains healthy and performs at its best. Part of maintaining a healthy website is managing your site URLs. What happens when you don’t update a URL with its new location when you change the page…

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5 WordPress Plugins Our Website Developers Recommend

WordPress Plugins to Use

With over 50,000 WordPress plugins, it can be difficult to know where to start. Some of the first plugins a website developer adds to a site should be for security measures. Being on the Internet means dealing with spam and potential hacking, and WordPress has its fair share of vulnerabilities–especially if not properly maintained. Here…

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Ask a Website Developer: What Are the Top Tools for Building Landing Pages?

a website developers top tools for building landing pages

Landing pages are crucial for converting qualified leads for online businesses commonly agreed upon by website developers. These pages should be simple and repetitive with a clear-cut direction for users, specifically for your pay-per-click (PPC) ads. To have the best shot at conversions, it’s best to pair your landing page with a new website design…

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