So, You Want to Be a Business Owner: 10 Things to Note

what every business owner should know

In my years of owning businesses and working with business owners, I have nearly had my own study of entrepreneurship. Business owners come in all types. I’ve read many books and talked with countless entrepreneurs about their trials and tribulations. I have also witnessed the unfortunate demise of several businesses–some surprising and some not so…

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Why You Need to Keep Updating Your Website

website update

In a world where almost, everyone is digitally connected in some way, having an online presence and updated website is largely becoming a must-have for businesses. And a website is certainly one of the most common ways businesses connect with the rich and ever-growing online consumers. But let’s agree; it isn’t just about having a…

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Creating a Business Growth Mindset: What Are the Keys to Success?

Business Growth Mindset

Creating a business growth mindset is key to growing any business. I love business–every aspect of it. One of the greatest things about my job, and the marketing industry in general, is the ability to see under the curtain of so many businesses.  We get to interact with sales teams, see operations, understand revenue problems,…

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Top 3 Legal Marketing Strategies for 2021

top legal marketing strategies

Like in other industries, change is the dominant fact of life in the marketing industry. It’s a fair bet that there’s no lawyer today who isn’t continuously reminded of how quickly the legal marketing landscape is evolving. The bottom line is that what worked in 2020 may not work in 2021. So, buckle up lawyers,…

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WooCommerce Vs. Shopify: Insights From a Web Design Agency

WooCommerce v Shopify

Web design agencies that create websites to sell products and/or services must become familiar with e-commerce platforms that are powerful enough to serve their customers. You are in business to grow your business. A web design agency has the skills to help you decide the best e-commerce platform that fits both your business needs and…

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Building Your Law Firm Website for Performance

law firm website

Consumer habits are changing so rapidly that your law firm website can easily be outdated in a matter of 2-3 years. Additionally, even recent designs can leave a bit to be desired for today’s users. Only in the last 25 years did businesses began using their website to attract clients. In today’s markets the competition…

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6 Ways to Supercharge your Google My Business (GMB) Profile for Local SEO

6 ways to supercharge your GMB profile

Growing your business, especially when it operates from a physical location, is almost impossible without local SEO.  Nearly half of all searches on Google are for local information, with an astounding 900% growth over the last few years. Meanwhile, local searches result in a purchase 28% of the time. An optimized profile on Google, in other words,…

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The Role Between Sales and Marketing When Scaling Your Service-based Business

marketing and sales connection

The connection between sales and marketing is an important variable for a creative design agency like us here at BrandCraft. For certain clients we help, their revenue potential is only limited by the number of opportunities to sell. In other words, the clients prepare to scale their business. Other clients aren’t this prepared. While they…

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4 Exceptional Landing Page Designs to Try in 2020-2021

Landing pages are an important part of converting qualified leads, mainly from pay-per-click (PPC) ads. A landing page design must be perfectly arranged and structured to have online success. Our best advice for producing an exceptional landing page is to see what is working for other businesses. If you don’t know where to look, here…

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