Your Brand Identity Guide: The Basics

Utilizing an identity guide for your business

A brand identity guide is an important document every business should have. It should follow a business’s journey, but it can be built at any time. Near the kickoff of your business, you might be on the lookout for a logo designer. A brand identity guide goes hand in hand with a logo package creation,…

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Your Guide to Choosing the Right Logo Designer

logo designer

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your company’s logo or establish your brand’s foundation, choosing the right logo designer is no easy task. Creating a polished logo is a job for a professional (one with the right kind of experience). In today’s blog, I’m highlighting several factors to consider when choosing a logo designer so that…

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How Do You Stay Brand Consistent With Your Type Styles? (And Why It Matters)

There are many components to sustaining a brand in the marketing world, especially on the visual side to stay brand consistent. To name a few, you have your logos, photography styles, and brand color palettes.  Another essential element is the typography. In this post, I’ll cover numerous type styles and why being consistent is important for your company. Brand consistency builds trust. Most people feel the best…

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The Logo File Types You Need (And How to Use Them)

Your Logo Files

Whether you hire a marketing agency for your logo designs or design them yourself, learning the different logo file types are key. Learning how to use them is equally important. Because when you’re ready to send out a logo for print, or for an ad, where do you start? Print vs. Web?  What are the different logo…

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