Why We Use (And Recommend) Cloudflare Nameservers

Why We Use Cloudflare Nameservers

Warning: There’s some jargon in this article. So, off the bat, here’s what some of those frequently used terms mean: Domain Name: This is your website’s unique name. An example is brandcraft.com. Registrar: This is where you buy your domain name. GoDaddy is a registrar. Nameserver: A nameserver tells the Internet where to find a…

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Email Deliverability for Websites: How to Stop Your Emails From Going to Spam

email deliverability for websites

Not every email reaches its destination inbox. Most people understand the concept of spam/junk folders. In reality, there are plenty more reasons for a message not to reach its destination.  This post hopefully will unravel the mystery of avoiding the spam folder for emails coming from your website (such as contact form notifications and e-commerce order updates).  What You Should Know About Email Deliverability If you are tired of your emails hitting the spam folder, you’re not alone. Here’s a quick guide…

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Demystifying DNS: What Should You Know?

Demystifying DNS

We need DNS (domain name system) records for the same reason we need house numbers and street names in real life: to help us get to the right location. Every website out there is built on physical hardware, which introduces the problem of where. When I type in https://brandcraft.com, how does my browser know which…

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What Is Web Hosting, and How Do You Choose the Right Provider?

In simple terms, the meaning of web hosting is a service that enables you to publish a website online. But, just like with most things related to technology, it gets complicated fast.  This guide will hopefully help you wade through the many options and providers when it comes to hosting a website so that you can make the best choice for your unique goals. …

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