How to Brand Your Business: Expertise from a Branding Agency

Whether you hire a branding agency or rely on your own efforts, understanding each component of building a strong brand is key. You need to ask yourself several questions when branding your business, including: Will my brand resonate with my target audience? What should my brand look like? What should my brand make people feel? …

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How to Narrow Down the Best Colors for Your Brand Identity

It only takes a minute and a half for most consumers to decide whether they like a product they’re seeing for the first time. Color is also one of the most integral elements of your brand identity because it helps you develop brand recognition.  And would you believe us if we said that the brand…

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Use Retargeting For Improved Sales Conversions

Back in the day, when an online customer showed interest in a product but abandoned the purchase, that usually marked the end of the encounter.  But what if you could virtually follow those previously engaged customers from your site with focused advertising?  This innovative marketing concept is now entirely possible through an advertising method known as retargeting.  How…

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5 Small Website Tweaks That Will Result in Increased Conversions

Increase website conversions

The entire purpose of a website is to generate conversions. When a website deviates from this purpose, it becomes useless. It’s important to always be on the prowl for ways you can optimize your site to achieve better performance.  Oftentimes, experimentation doesn’t lead to massive change. Instead, you will have to perform small tweaks to…

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Marketing During Covid-19: How Consumer Behavior has Changed in 2020

consumer behavior change and marketing

2020 has been a challenging year for businesses. The Coronavirus pandemic, and the measures put in place to control it, have affected companies’ ability to produce and sell, at least in the way they used to before. Consumers have also been affected in many ways during this period, either by staying indoors, their favorite shops…

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7 Reasons Why Brand Positioning is More Important Than Your Logo

Today, consumers have a myriad of brands to choose from whenever they go shopping. So, if your competitors offer similar products or services to what you supply the market, you need to stand out for you to realize profitability. That is only possible when you consistently deliver a positive, memorable experience every time your clients…

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Why a CRM is Essential for Effective Lead Generation

CRM for lead generation

For centuries, businesses have been generating leads through various business tactics. These techniques are part of customer relationship management (CRM), helping companies maintain a healthy and profitable relationship with potential and current customers. When people mention CRM, they often refer to modern software that tracks customer data and helps sales and marketing teams manage customer relationships better.…

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Must-Have Tools Every Small Business Needs to Thrive

Tools Every Small Business Must Have

As a small business owner, you know your time and resources are valuable. Using the right tools for your small business can help your entire operation run more efficiently and ensure that your resources are being used wisely.  Common Tools Small Businesses Use There’s so many tools and software programs that small business can utilize.…

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Spotlight: Proven Meals | Visual Identity and Online Presence

As a growth marketing agency, we create effective and proven methodologies to help our clients realize their desired growth. This process has been mastered through years of experience, observation and continuous client success.  Today we’re highlighting our client Proven Meals. Working together, we made this new brand come to life by developing their visual identity…

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