Video Production and Marketing for Lawyers.

Bypass the competition with a unique story only a video can tell.

Your law firm has a powerful story, but it’s hard to put words to it. You’ve tried in the past to no avail--only leaving your website “About” page a basic template that explains who you are without diving much deeper.

Our Video Creation Services.

Picture what it’d be like to articulate your story in a way that truly resonates with your ideal client. Your background and mission would be so clear that clients could visualize themselves working with you. Video marketing is a valuable way to share this story, showcase your services, and drive prospective clients to take action.

Video marketing for attorneys is one of our specialties. We take care of:

Powerful Storytelling.

We write customer-centric scripts that adhere to your brand image and communicate with your prospects in a storytelling fashion. Bringing personality to your legal brand in a tasteful, relevant way is what we do.

Talent Curation.

Have an idea for a video but unsure who you’d like to appear in it? We’ll work with you to determine the best star for your script--whether it’s you, your clients, actors, or a spokesperson.

Filming and Production.

We do a whole lot more than narrowing down a concept, genre, and script for your video. We also film it all for you. We have an entire video production team at your disposal, ready to film the video you’ve had in the back of your mind.

The Video Production Process.

We've got enough experience in video marketing for lawyers to know what works (i.e., generate leads). Here's a look at our process:


Every video creation project needs a strong foundation. In this phase, we’ll set the roadmap for your video—nailing down the concept, style, talent, location, and set design. We’ll create the script for you in pre-production.


The groundwork is there. Now, we film. Our video production team consists of a director of photography, camera operators, sound engineers, lighting techs, and more. Together, we’ll create an engaging, eye-catching video that flows well and calls your ideal clients to action.

Post Production.

Everything we do in pre-production sets us up for success in this stage. Our detail-oriented post-production team steps in to perfect your story, color correct, record voiceovers, clear up the audio, insert music, and design any relevant graphics. You’ll get a chance to review the first cut before filming.

Final Revisions.

After reviewing the first cut, you’ll have an opportunity to give feedback. We’ll take care of one round of revisions within the scope of your original video concept, making sure your video exceeds your expectations and best represents your law firm. Then, we’ll provide high-quality video files so that you can use your video in a variety of mediums, from your website to broadcast television.

Call our legal video marketing company today.

BrandCraft offers much more than the everyday video creation team. We write, film, and manage every aspect of production from start to finish. We don’t claim to be the largest agency around, but we have a unique video production toolset, creative talent, and marketing expertise that makes us the perfect video production company for the job. Call us now to discuss your project.