Search Engine Optimization for Attorneys.

Be among your client's first clicks when searching for a lawyer.

Growing your law practice is your #1 priority. You might lack the time, but you’re committed to hitting your goals and driving revenue. SEO is a vital marketing technique that can grow your website traffic and increase your leads, but those “one-size-fits-all” strategies you see online? Well, they don’t perform or give you lasting results (i.e., real client leads).

SEO for Lawyers.

You’re not looking for just another marketing strategy. Gimmicks are the last thing you want. Results are the only thing that matters. BrandCraft is a search engine optimization agency that has proven success with keyword-driven blogs and website content. We’ve scaled law firms just like yours with vetted SEO strategies that actually work.

SEO is a marketing technique that involves writing content around carefully researched keywords in your industry. There’s no single way to get to the top. We’ll be honest: it takes work, skill, and strategy. It also takes a tad more time than search engine marketing, but both are important because you’re targeting prospective clients who are ready to convert.

Local Search Optimization.

You’re looking to connect with clients in your city or state. We’ve got the tools to hit that goal. We do it by first identifying the most profitable local search terms. Then, we incorporate them strategically into your online platforms to increase your search visibility.

SEO Content and Copywriting.

We’ll create relevant, original content for you every month that speaks to your ideal client. You’ll only have to approve the topics. We’ll take care of the rest--from establishing a strong brand voice and tone to selecting keywords with the best ROI potential.

Lead Generating Website Design.

BrandCraft is comprised of talented creative professionals who design customer-centric websites that entice users to click. We’re a solutions-oriented team first and a search engine optimization company second. We’ll create effective landing pages with a strong call-to-action to get prospective clients to contact you.

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BrandCraft creates high-quality SEO content that converts leads and increases website traffic. Our legal SEO company’s toolset includes blogs, links, website audits, and more. SEO might not generate results as quickly as SEM, but it’s just as essential for your digital marketing strategy and long-term growth. Not to mention, SEO results have a valuable ROI--as long as you work with the right search engine optimization agency (and search engine marketing company). Contact us for a free consultation today. Let’s talk about your goals.