Custom Photography for Attorneys.

Attract clients with exclusive imagery that aligns with your brand.

Your target audience wants to know that they’re communicating with a real, local attorney. Quality photos of real people (at your law firm) make all the difference and put a story and personality to your company.

Our Legal Professional Photography Services.

BrandCraft will use custom legal professional photography to showcase the best brand image--not just the same old stock photos. Differentiating yourself from the competition starts with visuals.

Catching your customer’s attention means standing out from the competition. One way to accomplish that is to have better photos. Here at BrandCraft, we shoot with a purpose in mind and use modern equipment and our own in-house studio to produce high-quality photos that your clients will remember.

Portrait and Team Photography.

Every attorney (and law team) can benefit from a professional headshot. You can use them on your social media platforms and website to put a face to the name.

Commercial Photography.

Need some business photos or interior pictures of your law firm? We’re local to the Tri-Cities and Spokane. We can either meet at our agency to shoot your commercial project, or we’ll come to you.

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Why Choose Custom Photography for Your Law Firm?

There’s no one photo style that will convert leads into clients every time. What photos do is separate your brand from the competition. Here are some other reasons to schedule a custom photography shoot for your law firm:

Real-life photos build trust, which generates leads.

Quality photos of real attorneys at your law firm create a sense of trust that makes people feel comfortable working with you. This is vital for lead generation (and your brand image).

Create a cohesive brand image with special photography.

Using similar-style photography throughout your online platforms adds to your law firm’s image, making you look consistent. This translates to one of your main goals: showing clients you’re high quality and care about what you put out there.

Request a quote for a photoshoot today.

Our unique photography style can separate your law firm from the rest. Contact us today for a free quote.